Alias: haraguro-tan, 腹黒酱, H-chan

Age: 2X

Country: One of Arthur's adopted kids. Could probably pass off as Yao's relative. Does not exist in Hetalia's universe yet TAT

Gender: Fujoshi

Fav APH character: Wang Yao

Hi I'm haraguro-tan. I'm a Russia x China (Ivan x Yao) fangirl. I create Rochu fan works to spread the love, satisfy my own fujoshi needs and get to know fellow Rochu fans. Of course, I dabble in other things too. Rochu isn't my entire life, but I'm not comfortable with sharing other parts of me here (I don't think of fujoshiness as something to be ashamed of but I have siblings and prudish friends who are internet savvy *ahem*). If you want to get to know me beyond my Rochu obsession, feel free to contact me and talk in private.

Haraguro is a Japanese term used in anime to describe someone who looks nice and kind on the surface but is actually the opposite inside (aka Ivan Braginski). Well that's not me, but my fics are all pro-!seme!yandereIvan getting his way with uber !uke!tsundereYao, so after much thought and several pen name changes, I decided to stick to this one.

Why I Like Rochu

I love Rochu more than APH itself XD. I've never liked Yaoi in the past and scoffed at slash pairings. I crinched at reading them, let alone writing them. That's a thing of the past after I started liking Rochu.

I love history, and my love for them really sparked off after I came across a news commentary about Sino-Russian relations, in which they were likened to a married couple. Since then, I have always thought of them as a married couple XD. Their relations have gone way back. They have gone through thick and thin with each other, braving fall-outs along the way, just like any long-time married couple. Even now, they continue to have strong diplomatic relationships, relying on each other and cooperating with each other.

Rochu is my first BL pair that prompted me to write Yaoi. I guess there must be something magical about them. I hope the obsession lasts because they're such a cute couple and I derive a lot of joy reading and writing about them.

About my Writing Style:

I love dialogue. Lots and lots of dialogue. I guess it's because I'm not really good at describing emotions and situations, so dialogue is the best way for me to keep story on the move. I usually like to write humorous fiction. I've been attempting other genres like serious ones and smut, but in the end, some crack always creeps in. Oh well, just as long as you derive laughter from it, I'm glad.

I take pride in carefully thought out plots. I won't write a story before knowing it's ending because I feel that only by knowing how you want to write a story can you prevent loopholes and unnecessary deviations.

Since I've been writing Rochu, this is my characterization of Ivan Braginski and Wang Yao. I usually portray Yao as an easy-going, friendly, kind-hearted and brotherly character with a love for cute things and people. He's generally tolerant, but don't upset him or he'll make you bedridden for a week with his Chinese wok, whether he knows kung fu or not. The exception is of course, Ivan, who is much too big-boned and thick-skinned for his verbal and physical assaults to reap any effects. He's also quite conservative and a prude and dislikes public display of affection.

Ivan has a bit of a split personality in my writings XD Well, that's a typical aspect of a yandere character, isn't it? XD He can be all sweet, thoughtful and adorable in one instance, and demanding and mean (although he doesn't realize it) in another. But all my fics typically agree that a) When Ivan is nice, he is only nice to Yao (although Yao may beg to differ); b) When Ivan is being horrible, it's usually unintentional; c) Ivan is not a psychopath, he just uses rather uh... unconventional ways to express his desires; d) Ivan is intelligent and cunning, even if he acts like a kid.

I like lots and lots of background noise in my stories, namely because APH has so many loveable and cute characters that I'd still love to have them in my stories.

About My Dolls:

Coming soon...

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Hi I'm Haraguro-tan and I love Rochu.

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