Russia Porcupine & China Panda

Found a few listings for these cuties while searching Yahoo auctions for Rochu stuff. I'm pretty sure this has no relation to APH, but they are together again! And they are sooo cute! XD Why is Russia a porcupine though? D:

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

Ecchi Yao/Rochu/Nichu/Kouchagumi etc 3D Butt Mousepad Pre-order

I'm back from Tokyo and I have so many things to share but at the same time, I also have so many things IRL to catch up on ORZZZZZ. I'll write an account about my trip later including my fabulous visit to Ikebukuro, the treasureland of doujinshi (although I ended up adding more Nichu doujinshi to my collection *double OTL*)

Anyway before I disappear again, I need to do this first.


It comes with changeable mousepad covers / sticker things to change the hands according to your CP preference, like this:

There will apparently be one or a few more hands apart from this.

More information and *uncensored version* from the artist's website here.

Isn't this like the COOLEST.THING.EVAR! *goes into Poland mode* This mousepad also comes with a guide on how to umm... play with Yao's sexy butt.

Such 3d mousepads are apparently very comfy for the wrist. Bless Kiku for inventing hentai things that actually have a health edge. If your mum asks, tell her you got it to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I'm getting this hottie through my Taiwan shopping service at CWT28. She charges a shopping service fee of 100NT per booth, so I'm hoping to get some people to split this amount plus domestic shipping (because my wallet has been severely damaged by my Tokyo trip). It's 400 NT, and if you pre-pay, it's 350NT instead of the original 400NT. Pre-orders will come with a bonus gift. The shopping service will ship anywhere, so it doesn't matter even if you live in a different country from me. Extra costs like transaction fee, paypal fee etc may apply.

I am typing this in a rush, so I will not provide further details here. If you are genuinely interested in getting this, email me and I'll supply you with more details on how this works, give you proof of my positive online feedback etc etc. CWT28 is in mid-August, so I am closing this by 31 July, and capping at 5 orders, depending which comes first. Any other orders for CWT28 are welcome, preferably from booths I'm buying from (aka Rochu stuff. will do a list of Rochu stuff for sale at CWT28 later if I have time)

My email for shopping service and online purchase related stuff: shop [at] celestial-delinquent [dot] com

This beauty is also available for pre-order on Taobao and will released in October in China, but I'm very impatient and can't wait. If you prefer to pre-order from Taobao, here is the Taobao link. And here is my Taobao shopping service website~ XD

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

Ivan, Yao warn West against Arab interference

Disclaimer: The following fangirly thoughts derived from the news story does not represent factual accounts or my political opinions.


And yet again, our favourite red couple shows that it's 'Us Against the World' with an open declaration of resistance against the West  XD

Interesting comments are interesting. A couple of people actually suggested that Russia and China should team up to create an alternative force to counter NATO. XD

I found it humorous that AFP made this observation:
"China has backed Russia's cautious stance although, as is customary, it has allowed its fellow permanent UN Security Council member to do most of the public talking on the issue."

I can just imagine what goes behind those pre-meetings:

Ivan the manry husband: I'm going to give those Western b***** a talking down to. Just stand behind me and give me your support da?
Yao the dutiful wife: Yes aru, anything my husband says. >///<

Yao the tiger wife: I want you to give those Western b***** a talking down to, and I'm not letting you into my bed until you do so, you hear aru?
Ivan the dutiful husband: Da, anything my wife says ;  J  ;

On a serious note, I do not comprehend how top-ranking policy makers with supposedly high intelligence can conclude that a war can be stopped by even more military might. -_-

Taobao Haul

Good haul this month ~

I'll review them on later. In the mean time, close-ups of the brolly. It's the cutest thing ever!

I wish I could use it, but I'm so worried that the print would fade or be damaged by the rain (It's happened to my other printed umbreallas) >_< If anyone has used this brolly in the rain without causing damage to it, please let me know~

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

Rochu in the News: Man Threatens Wife for Leaving Him While Dad Helps to Win Daughter-in-Law's Heart

News reports about diplomatic ties between Russia and China have always been somewhat commonplace, with most articles going to great extents to harp on their close friendship and desired pursuit for even closer ties. (Heads up, editors, you need to learn the difference between news and love letters).

But here are two recent gems nicked from the Baidu Rochu community which I particularly enjoyed.

《俄称中国无真正盟友 军力增长引亚洲不安》
Russia says that China has no Real Allies. (China's) Growth in Military Strength Unsettles Asia

An expert from Ivan's household makes an analysis on Yao's economic progress, saying that Yao will face hostility from other nations as he grows stronger economically and increases his military strength. The rest of the article goes on to list the various obstacles Yao can expect to face, and expresses concern that Yao may, in a bid to gain land and power, try to become one with the rest of the world, which could backfire and lead to self-destruction. The real gold lies in the last sentence: 唯一的生存机会应是全面加强与俄罗斯的紧密的、互利的合作,共同发展。Translation: Yao's only way to survive is to strengthen mutual cooperation and ties with Ivan.

Gee Ivan, we know you're jealous of Yao's allies especially the new best friend called Pakistan, but there's no need to threaten Yao like that. 'Only way to survive'... that's harsh! XD

Ivan: Become one with me or perish! Kolkolkolkol~!

And another gem:

《普京“猛顶”中国:北京的态度就是我的意思 》
Putin Shows Strong Support for China: Beijing's Opinion is Mine

Putin expresses support for China with regards to ownership of Taiwan.
First of all, if 普京 had been 俄罗斯, this headline should be censored, really. 猛顶, which can also mean 'p-------- deeply' in *some* context, is somewhat x-rated. *cough*

Majority of the article is again about how they agree on a lot of things and should continue being lovers bestest friends. Lots of Chinese commented to the article, expressing support for Putin XD Ivan, lucky you to have such a supportive 'Papa' to help you pursue your love.

Oh how I love Rochu current affairs XD

In other news, Obama, who visited the Royal Family recently, spoke about 'special ties' with England. I'm not a US/UK fan but I giggled at the comment.

Disclaimer: Above-mentioned fangirly thoughts derived from the news stories do not represent factual accounts or my political opinions.
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