Weekly Rochu // 每周一个露中 #9 & #10

Oops I missed out last week's Weekly Rochu. I've been very busy lately and I haven't had time to do any Rochu stuff >_< I'm going to Japan soon and I'm so psyched up for it *__* I hope I can get hold of Rochu doujinshi there, or at the very least, some Ivan and Yao official merchandise which i can Rochufy XD

I'm also working on my Rochu doujinshi info website. I hope to finish it before I go to Japan but by the looks of my procrastination skills and failure to focus, this is unlikely to happen. I still have 40 over doujinshi to photograph and write up ;__;
For those who are interested to take a look, I've put on a password while it's still under construction.
Link: http://rochu.blogbus.com/
PW: rochu4000
Please also feel free to let me know if you feel that I should include additional info.

I'm halfway through writing Childhood Ambition, a story on how Ivan and Yao met. I'm halfway through it, but I have no motivation to write it because it has no R18 *bricked* OTL Yet it is necessary to write it well because it's the very first story of Our Secret History. T_T I'll wing it somehow.

Anyway, on to the weekly features:

I know the occasion isn't right, but this is such a cute illustration! Guess where Ivan is? (Not in the panda)

Ivan looks somewhat tender yet sinister here <3
"Yao, you're mine, all mine now. Kolkolkolkol~"

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

Weekly Rochu // 每周一个露中 #8

One of my all-time favourite Rochu pictures XD Love how tied up and helpless Yao looks XD Not to mention, those garters are really sexy. Ivan's happiness is contagious XDDDD

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Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

Weekly Rochu // 每周一个露中 #7

By 小泉貓熊. It looks so sweet! I love their long eyelashes XD

On the topic of doujinshi, I'm in the midst of making an online Rochu index of all the Rochu doujinshi that exist. The website is http://rochu.blogbus.com. It's password restricted because it's still work-in-progress. But it should be ready soon! I will also be selling off some of my Rochu doujinshi collection on that website. For real this time I swear. It makes me sad, but I'm running out of space and money X'DDD Please look forward to the post!

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

Weekly Rochu // 每周一个露中 #6

This is the artwork that got me addicted to doujinshi shopping. The book was already long out of print by the time I found out about the circle 神隐之国. I compromised by buying 2 Churo doujinshi from 神隐之国, without realizing that there was such a thing called 'reverse CP'. I was such an untainted innocent girl back then *vomits* who knew little about the fantastic world of Yaoi. I wished they'd produced more Rochu works >_< I really adore the artist's style.

My fanbook's official page is up!

Lots of things about the fanbook are work in progress, but there are some sample illustrations already~

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

Weekly Rochu // 每周一个露中 #5


Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

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