A Gorgeous Product of Rochu Marriage

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Came across this gorgeous model while shopping on Taobao and simply had to find out more about her. 

She's Tina Jin Tian Tian, a Russian-Chinese model. Hahaha now you know why I posted her to my Rochu blog. She is 1/4 Russian, 3/4 Chinese. I don't normally link real people to my 2D obsessions, but she's so pretty that I had to give her a mention XD

Her website: http://www.moko.cc/jintiantian
She looks more Chinese than Russian with less make-up, but she's one of the rare few models (the only one actually) I've seen who can pull off both elegant, sultry Western look and kawaii Asian look effortlessly! Models who do these styles are usually only good one way or another. She is the best of both worlds! Being taller than Papa Yao helps too, I suppose (170cm lol).

Rounding off this post with a pic of Miss Tina in a furry bear hoodie!


This is what Partizansk will look like when she grows up *bricked*

Ivan and Yao, please get married so that we can see more of your beautiful children *double bricked*

Melancholy of the Sunflower 向日葵の憂鬱

Eh it's been awhile since I last updated. I've been very busy with my upcoming Rochu doujinshi "Our Secret History". The new official website will be up soon with all the samples,and I'll be opening pre-orders then (Probably in the beginning of October). Stay tuned and sorry for the long wait~

好久没更博了。最近忙着筹备露中同人本 “Our Secret History" 所以正在修罗期间。本子的新官方网站差不多要完成了,近日内会把资料和sample放上网并开放预定(大概10月开始)。

Here's the preview of part of the cover page~ Illustration by Phoenixlu
封面的预览图~ Phoenixlu 大大画的封面的小部分缩图~


As a record-breaking effort, I've written four double-chapter stories (2 PGs, 1 PG13, 1 R18) in a span of one month, and am still working on 2 more R18 stories for the book. I although I always enjoy writing R18 stories, the stories have historical backgrounds, so I had to spend time doing research ^^; I've been reading up intensely on Sino-Soviet relations for the book, and my understanding of this beautiful couple has tripled since~ Actually, I only recently learnt that Russia and China were really bitter enemies during the Sino-Soviet split, and their conflict nearly escalated to World War III! Previously, I knew that they had issues with each other, but I didn't know it was that serious. Talk about love becoming hate!

我破了自己的纪录在一个月内完成了4篇短篇故事 (2篇 PG, 1篇 PG13, 1 篇 R18)。目前还在赶着写两篇R18文。虽然R18都让我写得不亦乐乎,但由于是涉及到历史背景所以还要花时间查资料^^; 这期间我查询了关于中苏关系的那段历史,对这美好 CP 的理解程度已提升了三倍!其实我是近日才知道原来中苏交恶的期间,露中关系曾经糟糕到差点闹出第三次世界大战!之前我只知道两国关系因为政治理想有差距而关系闹僵了,不过没料到有那么严重。正所谓爱得越深,很得越深呢!

Yet although their relations were bad, they never actually went to war or invaded each other. Instead, they attacked each other through proxy wars fought by each other's allies. Russia and China fell out with each other because of ideological differences and to a certain extent, betrayal. I personally feel that they acted more like a couple with very idealistic expectations for marriage. After they married each other, they realized they had conflicting personalities and ideals. So they fell out over their differences, and then tried to exact revenge on other because they loved each other so much that the passion gave way to hatred. 

虽然他们变成了敌人,但不曾真正对彼此开战,而是通过代理战争对彼此表示敌意。伊万与王耀恶脸相向,基本是因为彼此理想有差异,双方无法谅解而互相背叛。 活脱脱像对对婚姻有过于崇高理想的小夫妻。结婚后发现彼此的理想和个性又差别,又不愿互相让步,导致分离收场。但因为心底是深爱对方,无法放下而把爱化成恨。

They did a lot of petty things to each other which are frankly quite childish in human context. Yao openly complained about how Ivan didn't return him territories that he gave him in the 1800s. In response, Ivan denounced all the Chinese names of those territories and only permitted them to have Russian names (ooh fighting over child custody eh). To irritate each other further, they ran to Alfred to make friends with him and dissuade him from friending the other. That's also how the golden triangle came about.

其实如果把他们当普通人看待,他们对付对方的行为举止还挺幼稚的。小耀埋愿伊万没把之前抢占的土地归还。伊万的回应便是把地名的中文名字删掉,只用俄罗斯 名字。(唉唉这不是在争孩子的抚养权吗?)。另外,还与阿尔攀关系,互不让阿尔接近对方。哦哦黄金三角关系就是这样展开的,不过阿尔有史自终都是旁观者~

Because I've been doing serious reading and writing for my story about the Sino-Soviet split, I wanted a change of mood and wrote a comedic take on their fall-out. Enjoy~



Ivan: Yao~ Will you marry me and share my utopia? To me, utopia is being with you forever. We will live in a farmhouse, secluded from the world, and we will grow sunflowers in our garden. When autumn comes, we will sell the sunflowers and with the money, we'll travel around the world in winter and experience christmas all over the world. How does that sound?
露: 小耀~ 嫁给我, 和我一起寻找完美境界吧。对我来说,完美境界就是和小耀永远在一起。我们就住在世外桃源的小村屋里,在花园内种植向日葵。秋天的时候把向日葵收成卖了,赚到的钱在冬天的时候环游世界,在世界各地享受白色圣诞,好吗?

Yao: Sounds wonderful! (But I'll use the money to invest in more houses). I'll marry you aru!
耀: 好!(但我要用赚到的钱投资房地产)。我愿意嫁给你阿鲁!

After marriage~

Sunflowers are not profitable at all. It's been years, none of the sunflowers survive past the first week of seeding. We're still poor aru. :(
(subtle reference to the shitty policies that their bosses made during the communist era)

Ivan: Does it matter da? We have each other ^J^
露:有所谓吗?我们都有彼此了 ^J^

Yao: That's not the point! You promised that we would have money to travel around the world!

Ivan: How was I to know that sunflowers don't grow in my climate?

Aiya we should have grown peonies! Peonies are hardy and strong, just like me. They will survive in any climate! Sunflowers are pathetic aru.
耀: 哎呀!早知道种植牡丹花了!牡丹花经得起磨难又坚强,和我一样!什么气候都可以重 (并不是)!向日葵差颈及了阿鲁。

Peonies are the ugliest flowers I've ever seen da! Nobody would buy them!

Yao: Aiya how dare you! That's my national flower you just insulted!

Ivan: Oh really? I thought your national flower was bamboo shoots.

Yao: Bamboo shoots are plants! Why on earth am I married to a stupid man like you aru?
耀: 竹子哪里是花了!我怎么嫁给了这么个笨男人阿鲁?

Ivan: And you're just a naggy old woman. Leave my ears alone and go make a sammich!
露: 我是笨男人,你就是长舌妇。你让我耳根清静吧,快去做晚餐!

Yao: That's it aru! I want out! I want a divorce! I'm taking Yiman, Yezhuhe and Suchan with me!
耀: 受够了阿鲁!我要离婚!我要带伊曼, 野猪河和苏城跟我离开!

No you're not. Dalnerechensk, Dalnegorsk, and Partizansk are staying with me.
露: 不准!Dalnerechensk, Dalnegorsk, 和 Partizansk 要留下!

Yao: Who aru?
耀: 谁阿鲁?

Ivan: My children. (turning to 3 little Ivan-Yao lookalikes who look mighty confused)  You will stay with Papa da? *puppy dog eyes*
露: 当然是我的孩子啊 (转身对着三只懵懵懂懂的小号伊万小耀) 你们会跟爸爸一起住哒?*无敌可爱狗狗眼睛*

Children: DA! PAPA! *squeal and crowd around Ivan*
孩子: 哒! 爸爸! *尖叫着围绕着伊万*

Yao: Stupid ingrates! I might as well have given birth to 3 buns and ate them up aru!
(it's a common way for Chinese parents to diss their unfilial kids. Another version is giving birth to stones)
耀: 混蛋!早知道当初生三个馒头吃掉算了,好过生你们这些不孝子阿鲁!

Ivan: See? The children like me better! What do you have to say to this?
露: 看吧,孩子们比较喜欢我。怎么样啊?

Yao: Well... I'll take this up to Alfred!
耀: 我。。。 我告诉阿尔!

Ivan: What has Alfred got to do with our children? Kolkolkolkol~
露:我们的孩子跟阿尔有什么关系? korukorukorukoru~

Yao: He's the world's policeman, isn't he? He will help me win my children's custody!
耀: 他不是世界的警察吗?一定要他给我主持公道,把孩子的抚养权判给我!

Why are you so sure that he will help you? Are you having an affair with him? Is that why you're asking for a divorce? KOLKOLKOLKOL~
露: 你就那么确定他会帮你吗?莫非你们之间有奸情?难怪你吵着要离婚了。KORUKORUKORUKORU~

I'm not having an affair aru!
耀: 谁有奸情了阿鲁!

Ivan: Kolkolkolkol~ How am I inferior to Alfred? I may be a bit poor, but I'm better than him in every other way. Even my little buddy is more well-endowed than his da.
露: Korukorukorukoru~ 我哪里比不上美国佬了?我虽然有点穷,但其它方面都比他强。连我的小兄弟都比他的壮观哒。

Yao: That isn't it aru!
耀: 别说这些有的没的阿鲁!

Ivan: *sudden enlightenment* Oh that reminds me! We haven't made love in ages! Is that why you forgot how amazing I am? I shall remind you now! Kolkolkolkol~ *pounce*
露: *突然被点醒* 啊,我记得了!我们好久没有嘿咻了!你是不是忘记我有多猛了?我现在就让你回想美好回忆!Korukorukorukoru~ *推倒*

Yao: Nooooooo aru!
耀: 不要啊啊啊啊啊鲁!

Dalnerechensk / Yiman: Why did Papa push Mama onto the floor?

Dalnegorsk / Yezhuhe: Why is Papa tearing up Mama's clothes?

Partizansk / Suchan:
Big sister will tell you when you grow up.
苏城: 等你们长大后姐姐就告诉你们。

Moral of story: A healthy sex life is very important to maintain a happy marriage *bricked*


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