Rochu in the News: Man Threatens Wife for Leaving Him While Dad Helps to Win Daughter-in-Law's Heart

News reports about diplomatic ties between Russia and China have always been somewhat commonplace, with most articles going to great extents to harp on their close friendship and desired pursuit for even closer ties. (Heads up, editors, you need to learn the difference between news and love letters).

But here are two recent gems nicked from the Baidu Rochu community which I particularly enjoyed.

《俄称中国无真正盟友 军力增长引亚洲不安》
Russia says that China has no Real Allies. (China's) Growth in Military Strength Unsettles Asia

An expert from Ivan's household makes an analysis on Yao's economic progress, saying that Yao will face hostility from other nations as he grows stronger economically and increases his military strength. The rest of the article goes on to list the various obstacles Yao can expect to face, and expresses concern that Yao may, in a bid to gain land and power, try to become one with the rest of the world, which could backfire and lead to self-destruction. The real gold lies in the last sentence: 唯一的生存机会应是全面加强与俄罗斯的紧密的、互利的合作,共同发展。Translation: Yao's only way to survive is to strengthen mutual cooperation and ties with Ivan.

Gee Ivan, we know you're jealous of Yao's allies especially the new best friend called Pakistan, but there's no need to threaten Yao like that. 'Only way to survive'... that's harsh! XD

Ivan: Become one with me or perish! Kolkolkolkol~!

And another gem:

《普京“猛顶”中国:北京的态度就是我的意思 》
Putin Shows Strong Support for China: Beijing's Opinion is Mine

Putin expresses support for China with regards to ownership of Taiwan.
First of all, if 普京 had been 俄罗斯, this headline should be censored, really. 猛顶, which can also mean 'p-------- deeply' in *some* context, is somewhat x-rated. *cough*

Majority of the article is again about how they agree on a lot of things and should continue being lovers bestest friends. Lots of Chinese commented to the article, expressing support for Putin XD Ivan, lucky you to have such a supportive 'Papa' to help you pursue your love.

Oh how I love Rochu current affairs XD

In other news, Obama, who visited the Royal Family recently, spoke about 'special ties' with England. I'm not a US/UK fan but I giggled at the comment.

Disclaimer: Above-mentioned fangirly thoughts derived from the news stories do not represent factual accounts or my political opinions.
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