[露中 Fanfic] Taming the Polar Bear - Chapter 26

Main Pairing: Rochu (Ivan x Yao) | Genre: School, Romance, Humour, Drama | Rating: PG-13 for kissing scenes and sexual references

Characters: Rochu-centric with many side pairings, supporting characters and cameos from other nations.

Synopsis: In Hetalia Gakuen, Ivan, a notorious school bully, meets & falls in love with Yao, a student councilor who resolves to tame him of his bullying ways. Hilarity, chaos & fluff ensue as Yao braves Ivan's romantic but perverted pursuit to take him into hand.

Disclaimer: The following story is a derivative work of APH and shares no relation to actual countries, political ideologies, history or events. Characters are copyright to Hidekaz Hiramuya, but the storyline and writing are copyright to me. You may share the link to my blog or blog post, but you may not repost my writings without my permission.

Warning: Explicit description of male-on-male intimacy (but no lemon)

Chapter 26: Ivan's Anxiety

Yao leaned against the parapet, tapping his toes anxiously as he took in a bird's eye view of the school grounds from the roof garden. It was a breezy day and the skies were clear-blue, but Yao was in no mood to enjoy the scenery. He was hungry and his stomach was protesting. Yet Ivan was no where to be seen.

He had taken initiative to invite Ivan to meet him at the roof garden of the Asian academic building for a picnic date, even waking up extra early to prepare the food. Right now, he could feel the dim sum in his bamboo steamer grow cold while his temper rose. How dare Ivan be late when he had put in so much effort to accommodate him with his hectic schedule!

"Aiya! This Ivan!" Yao complained aloud. "If he doesn't show up on the count of three, I'm going to leave! One, two..."

A pair of large hands suddenly obscured his view. A childish voice whispered into his ear, "Guess who?"

Yao jumped so hard that if not for the parapet in front of him, he would have leapt off the building.

"About time, Ivan," Yao answered flatly when he had regained his nerves.

"So clever!" Ivan declared cheerfully. He released Yao and gave him a hug and a large bouquet of sunflowers.

"Sorry for being late~ I wanted the sunflowers to be fresh for you, so I went to the florist as late as I could. But I didn't like the way she tied the bow, so I made her do it over and over again~" Ivan gazed at Yao out of shimmering, woeful eyes. Naturally, the older man's frown vanished in a flash.

"You don't have to get sunflowers for every single date you know," Yao sighed as he took the bouquet in his arms. "No matter how fresh they are, they always wilt eventually. What a waste of money aru!"

"Ah ha, but you make them into dried flowers and keep them in jars in your room, don't you? I know you love my sunflowers," Ivan grinned.

"That's because I dislike wastage aru!" Yao blushed.

"But isn't the act of giving flowers romantic?" Ivan cocked his head.

"It's just a bunch of flowers to me," Yao gave a shrug.

"Oh, so flowers are not romantic for you, is that it?" Ivan pursed his lips thoughtfully. "Well~ how about this then?"

Without warning, he lunged forward, enveloped Yao in his arms and pressed their lips together. Momentarily stunned, Yao gasped, allowing Ivan to slip his tongue inside. Ivan subdued the shyer muscle easily, sucking it slowly, feeling the slighter body in his arms cease to struggle and meld to his. They held each other for a long moment, until his lover's resistance and annoyance grew evident through frantic writhing. Ivan smiled down at the lovely tomato-red face before him, tracing his gloved thumb along Yao's swollen lips and gleefully admiring his handiwork. 

"Teehee~ It seems that no matter how many times I kiss you, you are always surprised. I'm getting more skilful da?"

"And it seems that no matter how many times I warn you not to do this in public, you never listen aru!" Yao sulked. "You promised to obey me if I became your boyfriend!"

"But I do obey you~ You won't let me get into your pants, so this is the only way I can express my brimming affection for you da?" Ivan gazed at his lover with wide-eyed innocence. Yao was mesmerized for a moment, before realizing his incredulity at the situation. To think that Ivan had the cheek to play innocent when he had just spouted indecent thoughts again!

"Aiya! Don't say such shameless things aru!" Yao turned away and stormed off. Sniggling slightly, Ivan followed eagerly after him. Yao was always adorable when he was angry, especially since Ivan knew that his little sunflower liked him too much to be remain mad at him. But how he wished that Yao would stop resisting his passions!

*     *     *

*Flashback to end of Chapter 25*

One month ago on the same beautiful night when Yao finally admitted that Ivan was his boyfriend, the impetuous Russian was about to do to Yao all the naughty things he had seen in Big Sister 801's book when a loud crashing sound ensued. His dormitory door flew open and Xiang walked in, face stern, fists clenched fiercely.

"Where's my big brother? I've been knocking on the door for the past fifteen minutes and nobody answered," Xiang demanded.

"He's just left," Ivan smiled up sweetly from his bed. "I was sleeping. I apologize if I didn't hear you."

"Do you sleep in your school uniform?" Xiang noted with hawk-like eyes.

Ivan started for a moment, but quickly replied brazenly, "Why, yes. Is there a problem?"

"Yes," Xiang replied stoutly. "The problem is, my brother is missing, and I believe he is with you."

"Well, he's not," Ivan maintained firmly.

Xiang suddenly drew closer, his eyes tracing over Ivan's body, which was stretched out in a prone position. Ivan flinched, greatly disturbed by the deep, penetrating gaze.

"Stop that, I can sue you for sexual harassment you know," Ivan whined unhappily.

"I should be the one suing for sexual harassment," Xiang said curtly. "Get off the bed."

"You're being unreasonable~!" Ivan whined. "First you barge into my room and break my door, then you look me up and down as though you'd like nothing better than to see my clothes off. Now you're ordering me off my bed."

"Get off the bed," Xiang insisted.

"Xiang, we're good friends, aren't we? I got you your limited edition Bruce Lee movie that was missing from your collection," Ivan reminded him desperately.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean you can crush my big brother," Xiang looked pointedly at a spot near his elbow. Ivan followed his gaze and spotted long, slender, trembling fingers sticking out from below his elbow. Whoops.

Sheepishly, Ivan got up, revealing a red-faced, disheveled and half-dressed Yao underneath him. Yao hastily sat upright, coughing profusely from lack of air. Ivan patted his back gently, but Yao brushed his arm off.

"Pervert!" Yao snapped at him.

Ivan looked stricken. "Why am I a pervert? I just want to make love to you like what all lovers do da?"

"That isn't what all lovers do! I, for one will not sleep with someone I just got into a relationship with aru!" Yao cried.

"But we're not sleeping together da~ We are going to engage in bed exercises~" Ivan said enthusiastically. "Big Sister 801 said that bed exercises will strengthen relationships and are perfect for new couples like us..."

"Aiya! Don't talk to me about that woman," Yao interrupted, his hands raised in protest. "If you dare to attempt her perverted teachings on me again, you're no longer my boyfriend aru!"

"Aww~" Ivan stuck out his lower lip dejectedly.

"Da Ge, am I intruding? I can leave if you want me to. I just wanted to check if you're fine since you were gone for so long," Xiang bounced on the balls of his toes, clearly feeling uncomfortable with the nature of the conversation.

"Of course not!" Yao snapped at his younger brother. "Didn't I just say that I don't want to sleep with him aru! Are you deaf?"

Xiang was taken aback; Yao rarely ever raised his voice at him.

"I thought you might be pretending to be coy because I'm here..." Xiang explained, but his voice trailed off when Yao narrowed his eyes in anger.

"Who's pretending to be coy!" Yao glared at Xiang. "Wait for me, I'm going back with you aru!"

Turning back to Ivan, he flicked a finger reproachfully against the pale blond head.

"Stop constantly thinking of such perverted things aru! Mind you don't get high blood pressure!" Yao shot him a warning look before marching off.

"Er... Yao~?" Ivan asked timidly.

"What aru!"

"Just now, you said that you would not sleep with someone whom you just got into a relationship with. So does that mean that when our relationship is a few days old, you will sleep with me da?" Ivan asked hopefully.


*   *   *

Although Ivan was always cheerful when told off by Yao, he was in fact, a little depressed. Feliciano and Ludwig did it. Toris and Feliks did it. Old Roma and Germania did it. Just the other day, he had confided in Alfred, who often bragged about having solutions to anything in the whole wide world. Alfred brushed off Yao's behaviour as being 'typically Asian' and proceeded to speak of his experience with Arthur, earning a loud 'Baka!' from the Englishman.

Ivan supposed there was always the option of getting Yao drunk on alcohol and taking him by unawares, as recommended in Big Sister 801's guidebook, but there didn't seem to be much meaning in making love to someone who could not respond to him.

Why wouldn't Yao give him a chance? Was he so undesirable?

"Hello? Earth to Ivan! Earth to Ivan!"

Ivan blinked, before he realized that Yao was waving his hands in front of him.

"Da?' Ivan smiled.

"You've been silent the whole time and you aren't smiling aru. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," Ivan beamed.

Yao frowned doubtfully, but Ivan continued to smile brightly.

"Oh well," Yao shrugged, "Let's lay out the mat."

The roof garden was transquil and scenic. It had a large empty patch of grass, helmed by huge transplanted trees and artificial bushes. When it was first launched, many students considered it a novelty. But as time went by, it became a white elephant for few students liked to spend their leisure time and dates within the school grounds. Now it was secluded and free of people most of the time.

Perfect for making out. Ivan kol'ed, congratulating himself for catching Yao in the mood.

The pair made quick work of the mat, laying it out on the ground and the food on top of it. They sat down side by side and began savouring the meal that Yao had made.

"Sorry that we couldn't go anywhere else. I have to go back and rush my thesis later, so I didn't want to go outside the school compound aru," Yao explained.

Oh. So that was it.

"It's all right~ I'm just happy to be with you~" Ivan recovered from his disappointment and smiled.

"How's the food aru? I didn't manage to spend a lot of time preparing it because I had to dash up some extra paragraphs for my thesis," Yao looked at Ivan somewhat anxiously.

Since they started dating, Yao had invited Ivan to join him and his siblings for home-made dinner on several occasions. Ivan considered Yao's culinary dishes to be worthy of a five-star restaurant's. Today's food was still tasty, but being less flavoursome than usual, did not make the cut. Nevetherless, Ivan was touched that Yao still found time for him in spite having to beat a deadline.

"It's great~ I can taste your love for me in it and it's the most delicious thing in the world~" Ivan gushed.

"You sweet talker," Yao chided.

"These are my true feelings," Ivan replied as he dipped a shaomai in a plate of peanut sauce.


"What?" Ivan nearly dropped his fork in shock.

"You're dipping the wrong sauce! Nobody dips shaomai in peanut sauce. It's disgusting aru!" Yao bristled.

Ivan scratched his head absentmindedly, personally feeling that it was a great combination. "Sorry, I have lots to learn about Chinese food from you da!"

"You sure do, " Yao nodded. "Speaking of that, how are your Chinese lessons?"

"They are fine," Ivan said through a mouthful of shaomai. "Professor Zhang is very kind. He knows I am a slow learner, so he will slow down the lecture just for me. He even allows deadline extensions just for me."

"Of course, he knows that if he doesn't do what I want, the outcome won't be pretty. Kolkolkolkol~" Ivan thought privately.

"That's good to hear aru. I wish my professor would give me deadline extensions. My muscles are sore all over from sitting in front of my computer all day to research for my thesis!" Yao sighed.

"Aww~" Ivan said sympathetically. "And to think you stil make time to go on weekly dates with me and even to prepare a meal for me da?"

"Can't be helped aru. You're my boyfriend," Yao snorted. "Besides, I like being with you aru," he added as an after thought, blushing as he did.

"Awww~!" Ivan gushed with pleasure, imaginary pink hearts appearing around him. "Yao is so sweet! Let me reward you with a shoulder massage!"

"Ooh! Do you know how to give massages?" Yao asked eagerly.

"I've read up on it," Ivan replied, thinking of the massages that Big Sister 801 had described in her book. "A little practice helps. I'll start off gentle~!"

"All right then," Yao grinned. He shifted himself so that he was sitting with his back facing Ivan.

Excitedly, Ivan ungloved his hands and placed his large palms on Yao's slender shoulders, easily enveloping them. He gave a few experimental presses, inciting a groan from Yao.

"Is this ok?" Ivan asked.

"You're hitting the right spots aru. Do continue. And you can go a little harder," Yao responded, his eyes already half-closed from the relaxing sensation.

The minutes ticked by as Ivan continued to soothe his lover's aching muscles, adjusting his strength appropriately as Yao had requested amidst sensual moans and and whimpers of pleasure. Big Sister 801 had mentioned in her book that even amateurs could give good, erotic massages if they listened to their partner's feedback.

"Yao doesn't know how seductive he sounds when he moans," Ivan thought as he felt himself perspiring from heat that had not been caused by the breezy weather. He gazed at Yao's svelte back. Mmm... Yao's back was completely exposed to him. He was so vulnerable now...

Gradually, he moved his fingers downwards towards the small of Yao's back, pressing gently as he proceeded. This resulted in an approving moan from Yao. Ivan's fingers lingered for a little while, working hard to relax the stiff muscles. When he felt that he could no longer contain his desire, he slipped his hands across Yao's waist, pulling him backwards.

"Eh?" Yao turned his head in surprise. Ivan conveniently caught him by the lips, nibbling passionately as he tightened his embrace around his sweetheart. Reflexively, Yao struggled for a little while before melting into Ivan's arms.

"I... Ivan...!" Yao gasped when their lips broke apart.

"Yao~" Ivan gazed at him with needy eyes. "I want my reward for the massage~"

The pink on Yao's cheeks deepened.

"Now?" Yao whispered awkwardly as he glanced around. "But this is a public place..."

"Yes please~ I'll make it a quick one~" Ivan pleaded in a whiny voice that Yao found impossible to ignore. 

"Oh all right," Yao gave in. "Let me get into a comfortable position."

"Da~! Yao is the best!"

Obligingly, Ivan removed his arms. He watched eagerly as Yao slid his hair tie off his long hair, allowing the raven-black silken strands to fall freely around his shoulders. After Yao had placed his hair tie in his ocket, he lay down on the grass, arms placed awkwardly by his sides. He inclined his head coyly when Ivan lay on top of him, avoiding eye contact with those blazing violet eyes that shone with indecent excitement.

"Yao, don't be shy~ We've done this many times da?" Ivan ran his fingers tenderly through Yao's luscious locks. His free hand slid inside Yao's shirt, caressing Yao's smooth chest and occasionally, the little hard rosebuds on it. He was delighted to feel Yao's chest rising and falling rapidly, presumably from excitement.

Yao pouted and muttered something inaudible.

"Teehee~ It's ok, I'll close my eyes~"

His eyes drifted close as he bent his head slowly, until his lips were a breath away from his lover's warm, succulent ones. He waited, waited for Yao to advance, looking forward to the paradise that his angel would bring him to.

He felt lean arms reach up to circle his neck. Then, finally, Yao closed the distance, brushing their lips together. When Ivan felt those lips curve into a slow smile, he kissed the corner of his lover's mouth and then his cheek, before turning his head slightly to press his lips firmly against his angel's. Sensing a gentle nip at his bottom lip, his mind simply clicked off. He quickly took control, angling his head and using his tongue to explore, to taste, to tease. Yao matched him, his lips urgent against his, his tongue waltzing in step with his lover's.

"Mmm... Yao, you're such a good kisser," Ivan licked his lips when Yao pulled away.

"There! You've got your reward. Now get off me aru!" Yao pushed against his broad chest, but Ivan refused to budge.

"Yao is so tsundere~" Ivan sulked.

"Aiya! I'm not being tsundere aru! What if someone walks in on us! This is an indecent thing to do in public aru!" Yao pummelled his fists against Ivan's shoulders to no avail.

"Hmmm... I wonder if you are just as tsundere to your ex-lovers? Kolkolkolkol~" Ivan remarked in his usual sweet voice, but his aura had become somewhat intimidating.

"W... what?" Yao was shocked by the sudden change of subject.

"I've been meaning to ask you this~ Why is it that you can kiss so well since our first date? Have you kissed many people before me? Kolkolkolkol~" A purple haze enshrouded his smiley face.

"Of... of course not!" Yao squeaked.

"How many lovers have you had?" Ivan pressed on.

"Does... does it really matter aru?" Yao trembled.

"That will depend on the number. Well?" Ivan demanded.

"Well, just... just one..."

Ivan arched an eyebrow in disbelief.

"T... two... Well, actually, three. Just three. No more, I promised!" Yao cried when Ivan began to look murderous.

"Names, identification numbers and home addresses?" Ivan asked unhappily.

Yao groaned in exasperation. "Oh Ivan, don't be ridiculous! They are pieces of my past. There's no point digging them up again aru!"

"But I'm jealous!" Ivan frowned. "I'm only fourth in your love life. I want you to be mine alone. I've heard stories of people leaving their lovers to go back to their exes."

"Ivan you silly boy, you're too paranoid." Yao reached up and stroked his hair. Ivan looked so disappointed that Yao could not help feeling sympathy for him. From the time they met, Yao knew that Ivan was a clingy young man with a posessive streak. He understood Ivan's insecurity, but there was nothing he could do to change his past acquaintances.

"You're my number one right now. Isn't that all that matters?" Yao said soothingly.

"Besides," he added, "they were short relationships in my high school days and I don't even remember much of them now aru. I've never gone beyond hand-holding and a bit of kissing with any of them. But with you..." Yao's voice trailed off as his face reddened.

"With me what?" Ivan asked, looking positively happier as the purple haze around him began to dissipate.

"With... with you..." Yao glared up at Ivan, annoyed that he was deliberately making him say embarrassing things. "Well, let's just say that you've probably touched me in more places than my own mother ever did aru."

Ivan let out a snort of laughter, earning a punch on his shoulder from Yao.

"Now stop asking stupid questions and get off me aru!"

"Since we're so close, it doesn't hurt for us to cozy up a little more da?" He buried his face against Yao's neck, nuzzling the soft smooth skin and inhaling the fragrance of Yao's favourite peony cologne. The hand on Yao's chest crept sneakily downwards into Yao's pants.

"Hey!" Yao protested when he heard a loud zipping sound. Yao made a grab for Ivan's hands, but Ivan's strength rendered them harmless. He easily got past Yao's anxious hands into his boxers.

"Don't!" Yao let out a cry of shock and embarrassment when he felt Ivan's bare fingers around his privates.

"Oooh, so this is what Yao's little buddy feels like," Ivan said, misty-eyed as he increased the intensity of his strokes, ignoring the slaps from Yao's hands. "Somehow, it's a lot smaller than mine. How cute~"

"You pervert! Who said you could touch me there aru!" Yao wailed as he flailed his legs wildly, hoping to knead Ivan where it hurts, but there was no such luck. Ivan's weight was pinning him down, his knees pushing Yao's thighs apart and away from his Achilles' heel.

"But I've already touched so much of your body~ Surely it wouldn't hurt for me to touch another spot da~?"

"Stop it! Stop it! Or I won't go on a date with you ever again aru!" Yao moaned as he felt all the nerves in his body tingling from repulsion, embarrassment, excitement and desire. Such was his discomfort that warm tears began trickling out of the corners of his eyes.

Noting Yao's displeasure, Ivan lifted his hand out of Yao's boxers.

"Yao doesn't like me to touch your little buddy da?" Ivan gazed down at Yao with a forlorn expression.

"Of course! My little buddy is out of bounds to everyone aru! Even my mother!" Yao snapped hotly.

Ivan pursed his lips puzzledly. Big Sister 801 had said that mutual touching of little buddies could promote intimacy...

"Ah ha~! Why don't you touch my little buddy then?"

Before Yao could find his voice to react to this bizarre proposal, another loud zipping sound ensued, this time, from Ivan's end. Yao found his hand being grabbed and pulled towards Ivan's wretched 'little buddy'.

"No way aru!" Yao squealed and shook his head frantically as he tried fruitlessly to tug his hand away.

"Don't worry, Yao~ My little buddy is much bigger than yours~ He's tough~ You don't have to worry about hurting him~"

"That's not it aru!" Yao cried, writhing desperately under Ivan's muscular frame. He could feel the cold metallic zipper on Ivan's pants. Yao clenched his fist tight, squealing when he felt a warm hard knob pressing against his knuckle.

"Come on Yao~" Ivan yodelled. "He won't bite you~"

"All right, I've touched him, you can take him away now aru," Yao wept, hoping against hope that Ivan would let him off.

"No, you must wrap your fingers around him and warm him up. Then he'll like you da~!"

"I don't care aru!"

"But I do!"

Four hands locked into a scufflenear the little buddy. It was not long before Yao's small hands lost the battle, and he felt his trembling fingers pulled towards the red-hot region......


A loud sound, followed by a blinding flash of light, caused Yao's heart to jump and Ivan to freeze in motion. Ivan was compelled to release Yao as he got on to his knees and rubbed his eyes to rid the little flashes of light in his vision. Yao acted on his first instinct, backing away from Ivan before the pervert could set him up with his little buddy again.

He was about to thank his lucky stars when his eyes fell upon the source of the light - a teenage boy in a Hetalia Gakuen uniform, holding on to a large camera and wearing an apologetic expression. Yao would have assumed that this person was one of his Asian juniors, if not for those familiar eyes filled with pride and wilfulness that he was so well-acquainted with, and a singular long strand of curly hair sticking out from a crown of short, black hair. Yao realized, upon closer inspection, that the short hair was in fact, very long hair tied back into a pony tail.

"Heh heh. Sorry Da Ge, I accidentally triggered the flash mode," the young 'boy' confirmed his worst nightmare.

"Wan Wan?!"

To be continued...


Hello, it's been a long time da? XD I've been so busy lately, and I haven't been working on the doujinshi at all >_< But I figured I should really update this before everyone gives up on this story T___T I started working on this chapter the moment I came back from Japan. I haven't even finished writing my own travel log! See how much I love Rochu and all of you haha XD It's been really quite a while since I last wrote, so I wonder if my style has deteriorated ^^; It's really taking me a longer time to write stuff now, compared to last year when I could produce one chapter per week *sigh*. Anyway, hope this chapter makes up for the long wait. It wasn't supposed to be this pervy, and Taiwan wasn't supposed to turn up this early, but stuff just happened. (If you didn't realized, she actually cross-dressed and snuck into the school grounds. Hetalia Gakuen is an all-boys school, remember?)

See you next time~ My next post will probably be about my loot from Japan. Which means I need to finish my travel log first. So many things to do, so little time! >_<

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