[露中 Fanfic] Taming the Polar Bear - Chapters 13 - 16

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Main Pairing: Rochu (Ivan x Yao) | Genre: School, Romance, Humour, Drama | Rating: PG-13

Characters: Rochu-centric with many side pairings, supporting characters and cameos from other nations

Synopsis: In Hetalia Gakuen, Ivan, a notorious school bully, meets & falls in love with Yao, a student councilor who resolves to tame him of his bullying ways. Hilarity, chaos & fluff ensue as Yao braves Ivan's romantic but perverted pursuit to take him into hand.

Chapter 13: Elizaveta's Nosebleed of the Century
Chapter 14: A Hot Pot Full of Spicy Love
Chapter 15: Never Ask the Devil
Chapter 16: Ivan and Yao are Now a School Couple... Not.

Disclaimer: The following story is a derivative work of APH and shares no relation to actual countries, political ideologies, history or events. Characters are copyright to Hidekaz Himaruya, but the storyline and writing are copyright to me. You may share the link to my blog or blog post, but you may not repost my writings without my permission.

Chapter 13: Elizaveta's Nosebleed of the Century

Ivan wished he had been quick-witted enough to ask Yao for his phone number.

It was already Friday, four days since his detention with Yao, and he missed Yao badly. He longed to ask Yao out for a date, but he did not know how to contact him. He loitered around the Asian quarters whenever he did not go for lessons, which meant virtually entire days, but to no avail. He could not enter the Asian dormitory as unauthorized entry was disallowed to students who did not live in the dormitory building, except for student councilors who had access to all the dormitory buildings. He considered breaking in, but for the first time in his life, Ivan was afraid of blatantly breaking the school rules for fear of being expelled. If he got expelled, he would never see his angel again.

Ivan had also tried calling up the Student Council Room and visiting it every day. However, since Tuesday morning, someone, presumably Arthur, had not only stuck pictures of disturbing-looking symbols all over the room door but also placed a large pot of incense in front of it. The stench issuing from it was so pungent that nobody could go within ten feet of it without choking. Ivan had a nagging feeling that it was related to his sudden intrusion from under the table on Monday. Needless to say, the Student Council announced that they would terminate all services and stop going to the room until the smell cleared out.

Ivan visited the Administration building for the umpteenth time that day, hoping against hope that the smell had cleared out. A strong whiff of sulfur told him that he had made another wasted trip. Ivan was disappointed that Yao had become so elusive. Didn't Yao say he cared about him? Was that an empty promise? Who knew, Yao might even be avoiding him on purpose. At that frustrating thought, Ivan hung his head miserably and stomped away.

"Aiya watch out!"


Yao's warning came too late, as Ivan fell down on his back, reeling from the pressure of the rock-hard pillar against his head.

"Why can't you look ahead when you walk? Are you all right aru?" Yao chided. He squatted down beside Ivan and touched his forehead to examine the rapidly reddening bruise.

Upon seeing his angel, Ivan burst out, "Yao~! I thought I'd never see you again!"

He grabbed Yao's arm and pulled him towards himself, causing Yao to fall right on top of him. Searing desire pent-up in his heart from the past four days gushed out like water from behind a collapsing dam. Rolling over and pinning Yao below him, he took the smaller man's lips in his own. After a lengthy possessive kiss, Ivan detached his lips unwillingly from Yao.

"Yao~ I missed you so much!" Ivan cried. He cupped Yao's beetroot-red face in his palms and ran his eyes lovingly over every single facial detail of his beloved's. Beautiful... so beautiful... even if those usually gentle eyes were glowing somewhat menacingly right now. He knew it was a sure sign that Yao was mad, but he did not care. He wanted Yao right there and there. He would accept whatever punishment Yao meted out to him later. Ignoring Yao's frantic protests and death threats, he lowered his head and lovingly licked the drool off the edge of Yao's mouth.


A high-pitched girly scream pierced through the tranquil afternoon. Well, as tranquil as it could have been without Yao's death threats. Ivan and Yao turned their heads in unison to see Roderich Edelstein just feet away, on his knees, hoisting a swooning woman into his arms. Yao recognized Roderich as a senior year student who gave excellent piano recitals, but the woman's presence surprised him, for Hetalia Gakuen was an all-boys college and outsiders were generally not permitted to enter.

"Oh my God! Elizaveta! Are you all right? Talk to me! Say something!" Roderich cried. The woman called Elizaveta was bleeding so profusely from her nose that the front of her dress was soaked entirely in blood, while her face had turned deathly white.

Yao shoved Ivan off him, stood up on shaky feet and ran helter-skelter towards the couple.

"What happened to her nose? Did she knock it against something?" Yao asked.

"I don't know... I mean... it started off as one of her regular nosebleeds. Then before I knew it, she became a human hosepipe," Roderich said anxiously.

"Hmm... might have burst a blood vessel," Yao said thoughtfully.

Taking control of the chaotic situation, he commanded, "Roderich, help her to sit up! Make sure her head is leaning slightly forward and pinch her nose firmly. Miss, breathe through your mouth and try to stay calm. Ivan, call an ambulance! I'm going to get a cold compress from the first-aid room!"

With that, he sprinted to the first-aid room as fast as his legs would take him.

*     *     *

Five minutes later, Yao came running back to the front of the Administration building, huffing and puffing with a cold compress in one hand and a stitch down his side. He was greeted by the strange sight of Elizaveta leaning back against Roderich's arm and chatting cordially with Ivan, or so he assumed without hearing their conversation, for Ivan was smiling exceptionally brightly while Elizaveta's previously deathly white cheeks had now developed a slight pink tint. Her dress was still drenched in blood, but she was no longer bleeding. Roderich, oddly enough, looked as though he wanted to be anywhere else but next to her.

"You're all right already aru? Do you still need to go to the hospital?" Yao knelt down beside Ivan.

Elizaveta's eyes lit up instantly.

"You're Wang Yao, aren't you? I was just telling Ivan here what a kyyyuuute couple you both make!" Elizaveta reached out a hand each to Ivan and Yao and pinched their cheeks playfully.

Ivan continued to beam unflinchingly, but a flustered Yao batted her hand away angrily.

"Aiya how rude! Besides, we're not a couple aru!" Yao exclaimed, all sympathy for her vanquished.

"Awww... you're turning red! That is soooo uke! How adorable!" Elizaveta shrieked.

"Elizaveta, that's not very nice!" Roderich scolded. Yao turned even redder. Ivan looked simply radiant.

Turning to Yao, Roderich explained apologetically, "This is my fiancée Elizaveta Héderváry. She's here to visit me today. She gets overly excited when she sees men er... behaving intimately together, so do forgive her."

"And how glad I am! If I hadn't come today, I would have missed witnessing such a touching display of passion! I knew I made the right decision when I made you enroll here, honey!" Elizaveta prattled.

"What? We were not... we have not... you've got the wrong idea aru!" Yao spluttered in indignation.

"Don't be embarrassed, Wang Yao. A lot of ukes are like you, shy and in denial about their submissive role in the relationship. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with being the uke! If there are no ukes, there would be no semes. And if there are no ukes and semes, there would be no nosebleed-worthy Yaoi. Don't you agree?" Elizaveta said sagely.

Roderich looked away and tried to pretend that he was not part of this bizarre conversation. Ivan nodded gaily, "Da~!"

"Nosebleed-worthy what?" Yao asked weakly.

"Yaoi, dear. It just means boy's love... but OH! I just realized that your name Yao and the first letter of Ivan's name 'I' forms the word Yaoi! Ohohohoho~ You lovely boys are totally made for each other!" Elizaveta chuckled so hard that drops of blood began trickling out of her nostrils again.

"Elizaveta, I think I'd better take you to the doctor, you're bleeding again," Roderich helped Elizaveta to her feet. Yao was clenching his fists so tightly that Roderich felt he ought to remove his source of anger before he got aggressive.

"Right, oh dear, my nose hasn't bled so much in ages. I suppose I should get going. Remember to tell your lover about the film project. See you again, my cute Yao-I couple!" Elizaveta gave Yao and Ivan each a pinch on their cheeks again, and bounded off, Roderich urging her to walk faster all the way.

"What a lovely lady da?" Ivan turned to Yao after waving a hearty goodbye to his new best friend.

To his surprise, Yao was seated in a lotus position on the floor, eyes closed and muttering to himself fervently.

"Yao~ are you all right?"

Yao ignored him. Unfazed, Ivan prattled on.

"Elizaveta wants us to help her with her final year film project. The theme is Masculine Love. She just wants a kissing scene from us, as hot as just now's. You will agree da?" Ivan chirped happily.

Yao scrunched up his eyes tighter, but otherwise contributed no further reaction.

"Yao~ Don't ignore me~" Ivan reached forward and touched his cheek.

"IVAN BRAGINSKI!" Yao shouted so loudly that Ivan scuttled away with his fingers in his ears.

"Enough! I've had enough of this aru!" Yao stomped around, flailing his arms wildly.

"What did I do now?" Ivan whimpered from behind a pillar.

Yao struggled to find words to appropriately explain his anger. Eventually, he blurted out, "I'm not a blow up doll that you can touch and kiss as you please!" He cringed, regretting his usage of such a sleazy metaphor.

At the worst timing possible, a group of European students, as though summoned by a curse, emerged from nowhere in front of the usually deserted Administration building.

"Doitsu doitsu~ What's a blow up doll?"

"Shush! Feliciano!"

"Why, Potato Bastard? Scared that my poor little brother will find out that you've got a blow up doll modeled after him in your closet?"

"Ve~ you have a blow up doll of me?"

"Shut up, Lovino! I do not own such a filthy thing!"

"Sniff~ I'm filthy?"

"No, Feliciano! I do not have a blow up doll of you!"

"Yes, Potato Bastard, you do!"

"No, Lovino, I do not!"

"Oh please, if anyone's to make a blow up doll, it should be of me, because I'm so awesome!"

"Doitsu~ If I take a bath, will you make a blow up doll of me?"

"Haha you're so cute! Should oresama tell you what a blow up doll is?"


"Shut up, Gilbert! Don't corrupt him!"

"Like you haven't already, Potato Bastard!"

"Gilbert-niichan~ What should I do to make Doitsu want a blow up doll of me?"

"For the love of God, I do not have a blow up doll or want any for that matter! Shut up about it already!"

"Waaaah! Doitsu hates me! Waaaah!"

Amidst the squabbling, crying, wolf whistling and sidelong dirty glares from Ludwig, Yao sank to the ground in shame, all anger forgotten. He remained with his face in his palms, long after the group had disappeared from his sight.

Seeing that Yao no longer emitted a murderous aura, Ivan found it safe to come out from behind his safe sanctuary. He stood in front of Yao and tugged his sleeve timidly.

"Yao~ don't be mad~ I won't treat you like a blow up doll if you don't want me to. Incidentally, what's that?" Ivan cocked his head curiously.

"Nah... forget what I said aru..." Yao looked up tiredly at Ivan's innocently puzzled face. Ivan sure as hell did not need lessons on sex toys when he was already such a pervert.

"I skipped my lessons to look for you all over the school for the past days! Where did you go? Were you avoiding me?" Ivan whined.

"Aiya! How could you skip lessons as and when you like? You go to school to receive an education, not to have fun aru! What would your parents say if they knew you were squandering their hard-earned money over such trivialities?" Brotherly (motherly?) instincts overtaking his fury, Yao lost no time in lecturing him.

"My parents wouldn't care~ Papa's in prison while Mama's in Ukraine~ They wouldn't even know if I left school~"

Yao gasped in alarm as tears started dancing in the violet eyes.

"I'm sorry aru! Don't cry!" Yao ruffled Ivan's hair.


Good heavens, Ivan's bawling could give Feliciano a run for his money, Yao flinched.

"Want a hug?" Yao opened his arms hesitantly. He hated carrying out affectionate acts like hugging in public, but he figured it was the only way to comfort Ivan. Besides, Ivan did look kind of adorable in a pitiful way.

Ivan dived in, sniveling noisily.

"There, there," Yao patted Ivan's broad back reassuringly. "I'm sure your parents do care for you or they wouldn't be giving you an education aru. Besides, there are other people who care for you too."

"Like myself aru," Yao added as an afterthought when Ivan showed no signs of letting up.

"In that case, why were you avoiding me?" Ivan looked at Yao out of weepy eyes.

"Aiyaaa I wasn't avoiding you! I had to meet my supervisor today so I've been holing up in my room, rushing my draft for my thesis aru. I haven't been around school because I don't have lessons to attend and I've been asking Xiang to buy me takeaways aru."

"Sniff~! I've been dying to ask you out for a date. You'll agree da?" Ivan asked mournfully.

"Of course I will aru," Yao agreed without a second thought. With Ivan looking so distressed, it would only be inhumane to turn down such a simple...

Hang on, did he say 'date'?

Yao rubbed his temples, wondering what he had gotten himself into, as Ivan whooped loudly, jumped up and down and punched the air ecstatically to celebrate his success.

"What a big baby." In spite of an imminent headache, Yao could not help letting a soft chuckle escape his lips.

Chapter 14: A Hot Pot Full of Spicy Love

Ivan stood in front of the full-length wall mirror in Feliks' dormitory room, admiring his suave appearance from all angles. For his dinner date with Yao, Ivan had dressed himself up in his smartest pearl-grey suit, which complemented his silvery blonde hair perfectly. He adjusted his tie - a silk maroon one with faint diagonal stripes, and fussed with his hair, on which he had carefully applied styling cream to make the ends of his hair curl up softly. He beamed into the mirror, revealing pearly whites, the consequence of a quick visit to the school dentist. He was the picture of perfection, if he could say so himself. Even the bruise he had incurred on his forehead following this morning's run-in with a pillar was safely out of sight, courtesy of Feliks' concealer.

"I don't believe this! I so totally don't believe this!" Feliks seethed as he glared at Ivan's back from his bed.

"Yes. Five hours just to decide on an inner shirt, choose between two suits and pick a tie. I didn't think anyone could have broken your record for time taken to dress up," Toris grumbled from Feliks' side.

"I know right? This is totally abominable! Like how does anyone ever put up with such appalling behaviour?"

"Lots of patience and love I guess," Toris snorted, thinking of himself.

"How do I look?" Ivan addressed his bored spectators for the umpteenth time.

"You look great," Toris replied mechanically for the umpteenth time.

"Yeah, like totes," Feliks nodded. He could not wait for the Russian to leave his room so that he too, could get changed for his own date with Toris. It had been intriguing, even amusing, to watch Ivan fuss over his appearance like a vain pot, but it sure got tiresome after a few hours, especially when, unsatisfied with his own massive collection of ties, Ivan had gone on to take Feliks' and Toris' ties. Furthermore, he had dumped each item of clothing unceremoniously in all corners of Feliks' room such that the originally cramped but neat square of space now resembled a pigsty.

"But maroon doesn't bring out the violet in my beautiful eyes," Ivan pouted.

"How about Feliks' lavender one?" Toris suggested tiredly.

"No way!" Feliks protested. "That's like my favourite tie!"

"But it has little hearts all over it~!" Ivan cringed.

"Yes, cute, isn't it?" Feliks supplied the age-old excuse for every gaudy item he owned. "I'm so not lending it to you! Knowing you, I'll never like see it ever again!"

Ivan blinked. "I want to look hot for a date, not cute. Looking cute is for girls." An image of Yao, hair done up in two side pony tails, and donning a cute little red cheongsam suddenly invaded his mind. Yao smiled up at him oh-so-cutely with mesmerized amber eyes, "Aiyaa Ivan~ you look so sexy aru~"

"What are you talking about?" Feliks snapped, interrupting Ivan's fantasy. "My tie is totally hawt!"

"It is the perfect colour, but it's so tacky~"

"Why how dare you-!"

"Hush! I thought you didn't want to lend him your tie?" Toris whispered warningly.

Feliks gritted his teeth. "Fine! If you think it's tacky, don't wear it. Duh!"

Ivan tossed the lavender tie aside and pulled out another tie from his heap of clothing.

"Um... Ivan, it's 6.30pm," Toris said.


"You said your date was at 6pm."

Cursing loudly, Ivan ran for the door, forgetting to bring with him the bouquet of sunflowers he had bought for Yao.

*     *     *

Yao stood at the entrance to the cafeteria at the Asian quarters, glaring at his wrist watch. In the past forty-five minutes that he had spent waiting for his date, his stomach had emitted a few impatient growls. The nerve of Ivan to be so late when he was the one who asked him out, ever so eagerly too!

"Yao-sempai," a junior that Yao knew by sight approached him timidly. Yao sighed, knowing what this young man wanted from his tell-tale blushing face. This had to be the fifth occurrence since he had started standing here.

"Yes aru?" Yao asked kindly.

"Would you... would you like to join me for dinner?" Junior Number 5 stuttered.

"Sorry aru, but I'm already waiting for someone else," came the well rehearsed answer.

"But you've been waiting for nearly an hour. Maybe your friend isn't coming?" Junior Number 5 persisted.

Yao stared at him, appalled. Had this person been observing him for the past forty-five minutes? As if in quiet affirmation of his assumption, the young man blushed furiously and looked down, but made no sign of wanting to leave.

A for-once welcome disruption arrived in the form of Ivan Braginski, saving Yao from his predicament.

"Yao is my boyfriend so clear off if you want your limbs intact! Kolkolkolkol~" Ivan loomed menacingly over the petite Asian boy. Ivan struck such an intimidating figure with his build and outfit that the boy reflexively let out a squeak and ran away.

Turning round to meet Yao's stricken face, Ivan put on his saddest puppy eyes in hopes of reducing whatever scolding Yao would mete out to him for being late, referring to him as his boyfriend and threatening his junior all in one breath.

"Ivan Braginski."


"Why, in the name of heaven, are you wearing a formal suit to the school cafeteria aru?" Yao asked incredulously.

"Eh? Because this is my special date with Yao da? I took great pains to dress up, that's why I was late~ But I ran here as fast as I could. I even forgot my bouquet of sunflowers for you," Ivan said sadly.

"But still, there's something called a dress code," Yao said weakly. He was suddenly very self-conscious of his comparatively sloppy attire - a Hello Kitty sweatshirt, track shorts and flip-flops. He had even left his hair untied since he wanted to let it dry after a shower. He was immensely relieved that Ivan had not brought his present, because it had not occurred to him to get anything for Ivan.

"You don't think I look good? I spent about five hours dressing up for you," Ivan bleated, which made Yao feel more wretched than ever.

"Aiya! Of course not! I think you look amazing," Yao paused and blushed. Although he meant it from the bottom of his heart, he had never paid such an outright compliment to anyone, and it made him feel awkward. "I... I didn't realize you were going to put in so much effort aru. I'll go get changed all right? I won't take long. I might have a suit lying around somewhere..."

"But you look great! There's nothing wrong with what you're wearing," Ivan said candidly. While Yao had turned up looking quite the contrary from his mirage, Ivan felt that those thigh-baring little shorts that revealed Yao's smooth, slender legs more than made up for the absence of a cute little cheongsam. Besides, who needed cute twin tails when one had sexy long, flowing hair?

"Of course there's nothing wrong with what I'm wearing aru! But you're so overdressed that we're going to look very strange walking together aru! I thought I made it very clear that we were going to have dinner at the school cafeteria!" Yao cried. Already, many pairs of curious eyes were staring at them.

"Ah ha~! Is Yao afraid that we don't look like a couple? If we hold hands, we'll even look like husband and wife da?" Ivan took Yao's small hand in his large one.

"Aiya! You're impossible to communicate with!" Yao tried to pull his hand out of Ivan's grip, but he was no match for the larger man. They made their way across the cafeteria towards the food stores, arm wrestling all the way. Numerous pairs of watchful eyes fastened themselves to Ivan's strange attire, and then to his equally strange companion who was making hissing noises and sporting a constipated expression on his beetroot face.

Ivan finally released his hand when they reached the head of the queue in front of a Chinese cuisine store.

[Translation: What do you want to eat?]

Yao looked thoughtfully at the menu, spoilt for choice.

"Ne ne~ Yao, what's that? It looks good!" Ivan pointed to a small heart-shaped cardboard standee on the counter which featured two portions of Sichuan numb and spicy hot pot. Written above the photograph was "买一送一!四川麻辣火锅情人套餐!吃了爱情一样火辣辣!"

[Translation: One for one! Sichuan Numb and Spicy Hotpot lover's set! Your romance will become equally fiery-hot!]

Yao slapped his forehead in exasperation. What the hell was wrong with this school? Not only was it not Valentine's Day where blatant display of affection was at least excusable, but this was an all-boy's school!

Spotting Ivan's roving hand on Yao's shoulder, the elderly cook smiled indulgently at him, "Buy one, get one free. Sichuan Mala hot pot lover set. Very nice. One for you, one for him. Your love become hot and spicy. Ok?"

"Da~" Ivan eagerly stuffed payment into the old lady's hand.

"Wait! We're not-" Yao began, but the old lady had already headed to the back kitchen.

"My first time eating Chinese food~ I'm so excited," Ivan rubbed his hands gleefully.

"I hope the spice kills you!" Yao muttered viciously.

Minutes later, the old lady returned with two large steaming portions of Sichuan Mala hot pot and two cups of tea.

"请慢用!祝你们永浴爱 河!Love love forever!" She balled her fists and nodded both thumbs at each other.

[Translation: Enjoy your meal! May your love be everlasting!]

"Xie xie!" Ivan saluted, while Yao suppressed an urge to strangle the wrinkled neck.

"Hurry up, Ivan, I'm hungry aru!" Yao hastened, eager to get away from all the blatant spectators staring at them hungrily from the queue.

They headed outside the enclosed cafeteria towards the attached side garden where there were pavilions for students to eat or study in peace away from the noisy cafeteria. Yao usually liked eating with his cousins and juniors in the cafeteria, but today, he just wanted to be away from the crowd. As they entered a pavilion well shaded by palm trees, Yao noted with a pang that this was a couple's favourite hang out due to the privacy it afforded. He was in a lover's hang out, sharing a lover's set meal with Ivan. Not quite his idea of a dinner date.

They set their trays down on the circular stone table in the middle of the pavilion and sat across each other on stone stools. Ivan took a deep breath to inhale the fragrance of his dinner. Then he began coughing profusely.

"This smells weird!" Ivan spluttered, eyes tearing as the spicy fragrance entered his throat.

"You chose it yourself," Yao smirked.

Ivan swallowed hard. Under normal circumstances, he would have ditched the hot pot and gone to get something else. But this was part of a lover's set that promised 'hot and spicy' love. He feared he would jinx their relationship by spurning it. He picked up his spoon tentatively.

"Aniki! Your breasts are mine!" Yong Soo hurtled into the pavilion, causing Ivan to drop his spoon in shock.

"Yong-Ge! Don't do such things in front of Da Ge's boyfriend!" Xiang hurtled on top of Yong Soo. Yong Soo crashed onto the floor, while Xiang crashed on top of Yong Soo.

"I'm so sorry, Yao-nii, Braginski-san! I tried to stop them but they insisted on tailing you," Kiku bowed apologetically to a baffled Yao and Ivan.

"Excuse me but wasn't it you who said it was an excellent idea and volunteered to be the cameraman da-ze!"

"Tailing us? Cameraman? What's going on aru!" Yao cried.

"I didn't want to tail Da Ge! It was Yong-Ge's idea!" Xiang crawled to his feet, massaging his aching jaw.

"That's right, spying originated from Korea da-ze! " Yong Soo proclaimed unabashedly. His run-in with the stone-hard floor seemed to have little impact on his thick skin as he stood up and rubbed his chest with little fuss.

"In that case, you should know very well that spying is supposed to be secret!" a rare sign of frustration crossed Kiku's face.

"I don't like the way you do it da-ze! It's sneaky! Honesty originated from Korea da-ze!"

"But how am I going to take pictures like this?"

"We didn't come here to take pictures. We came here to find out more about Da Ge's boyfriend."

"Exactly. So what better way to do so than taking pictures?"

"I fail to understand how taking pictures of Da Ge and his boyfriend cosying up is going to help us learn more about him."

"Oh don't be so naive, Xiang. Kiku-hyung just wants pictures for his collection da-ze!"

"Enough aru!" Yao shouted. "You should be ashamed of yourselves! What happened to your moral values?"

"Don't scold them, Yao~! I think your brothers are very cute~! I wish I had siblings like these!" Ivan flashed a beatific smile all round to match his wide, animated violet eyes. Kiku squeeed inwardly.

"So moe! No wonder Yao-nii likes this boy! He's definitely his cup of tea!", he thought

"I'm not aniki's brother da-ze! But as aniki's bestest friend and favourite cousin, I have every right to know what kind of person his boyfriend is da-ze!" Yong Soo plonked himself on the stool next to Yao.

"Aiya! Ivan isn't my boyfriend and you're neither my bestest friend nor my favourite cousin aru! Will you stop misleading Xiang aru!"

"I'm old enough to understand these matters myself, Da Ge. I just want to make sure that my future brother-in-law is a reliable man," Xiang said stoically as he sat on Yao's other side.

"Aiyaaaa~ What nonsense are you spouting, Xiang!"

"Braginski-san, I hope you don't mind us joining you then. We have some questions for you," Kiku took the remaining seat between Ivan and Xiang.

"I'd be glad to answer them~ and please call me Ivan~ We're a family after all~ " Ivan said pleasantly.

"We'll see about that. Let the interrogation begin da-ze!" Yong Soo declared.

"Ivan Braginski is not my boyfriend aru!"

Chapter 15: Never Ask the Devil

Yao tucked into his Sichuan Mala Hotpot, refusing to participate in the ludicrous 'interrogation' that was occurring in front of him. He had half-hoped that Ivan would chase the self-proclaimed interrogators away, but far from being upset that his special date had been ruined, Ivan looked strangely delighted. He could not help suspecting that Ivan had some ploy up this sleeve that involved his water pipe. Yet Ivan was at the moment, listening so intently to Kiku's self-introduction that Yao began feeling guilty all over again for casting doubt on the poor boy's character. Perhaps all Ivan really craved for was company.

"Of course I'll be kind to you, but only if you're kind to me~" Ivan responded after Kiku had explained that 'yoroshiku onegaishimasu', a set-phrase that Japanese people used to introduce themselves to new acquaintances, translated literally to 'please treat me kindly'.

"What happens if they're not kind to you?" Yong Soo asked curiously.

"Then, I simply return the favour. Kolkolkolkol~"

The temperature within the pavilion grew significantly colder as the interrogators felt their hairs stand on end. Yao, insulated by the warmth from his hotpot, continued eating nonchalantly.

"This boy is so cute, yet his laughter strikes fear in me. Could he be exhibiting the legendary yandere character trait?" Kiku thought, half excited, half terrified.

"Must protect Da Ge," Xiang inched closer to Yao.

Only the immensely dense Yong Soo brushed off the sudden temperature drop as a natural phenomenon. "Strange weather huh? It's so cold suddenly."

He stood up, folded his arms across his chest cockily and began his arrogant self-introduction, "I'm Im Yong Soo from Korea, the land that everything originates from da-ze!"

"How rude!" Kiku grimaced.

"I speak the truth da-ze!"

"How can this be when everything belongs to Mother Russia da?" Ivan asked sweetly.

"He's just as rude!" Kiku thought.

"You are wrong! Russia belongs to Korea, and so do Japan and China da-ze!" Yong Soo insisted brazenly.

Three sympathetic pairs of eyes flitted to the Korean. His cousins had gone through this routine far too often to get mad at him.

"Don't mind his nonsense, Ivan-san! He must have had too much soju just now," Kiku said apologetically. Ivan was still smiling, but being able to rightly read the atmosphere in any room, Kiku could decipher the meaning behind most facial expressions, no matter how subtle. Right now, Ivan's smile revealed something involving Yong Soo and an abandoned well.

"I did not da-ze! Incidentally, alcohol originates from Korea da-ze!" Yong Soo declared, further strengthening the notion that he might in fact be alcohol-intoxicated.

"Not Vodka," Ivan said serenely.

"Vodka originates from Korea da-ze!"

"It does not."

"Does too!"

"Does not."

"Does too!"

Kiku and Xiang swiveled their heads from right to left, following the progress of the degenerating argument, unsure of whose victory to wish for. Until Yao slammed down his spoon and broke the stalemate.

"Shut up aru! Alcohol is banned on campus, and so is any discussion about it. Let me eat my dinner in peace!"

"It's not banned in the European campus," Ivan piped up. "Gilbert throws noisy block parties with endless flows of beer all the time."

"Really? Where does he get the beer from? What's Arthur doing all this time that people in his cohort are breaking school rules?" Yao demanded.

"You'll have to ask someone else~ He always invites everyone except me," Ivan's eyes filled with melancholy.

"I wonder why," Yong Soo said sarcastically, having developed a strong dislike for the Russian. Yao hastily shushed him up, frightened that Ivan would summon his waterworks.

Patting Ivan's head comfortingly, he said, "Aiya, Arthur is so irresponsible. I'll lodge a complaint to the Dean and they won't be able to hold any more block parties. That will teach them not to invite you aru."

Ivan's face lit up like a child discovering his favourite toy in his parcel.

"Yao always treats me the best~" Ivan reached across the table, nearly upsetting their dinner in the process, flung his arms around Yao and planted a kiss on his lips. Yao squealed and shoved Ivan away instinctively, but the deed was already done.

Xiang's hand flew to his mouth. Yong Soo's jaw fell open. Kiku admired the picture that his camera had captured.

"Aiyaaa! Ivan...! Kiku...!" Yao spluttered, torn between who to scream at first.

"Did you get a good shot? Can you send it to me?" Ivan asked eagerly as he tried to peer at Kiku's camera screen.

"Yes I did," Kiku held up his camera to show Ivan his handiwork. Kiku had lived up to his reputation of vice-chairman of the photography club. He had captured the right moment when their lips were together, when Ivan looked simply radiant and Yao was too surprised to look unhappy as he did now. They looked like a pair of lovers, posing for a purikura machine.

"I'll post it on Facebook so you can download it," Kiku promised.

"You're not putting that on Facebook aru!" Yao shouted. "Either delete it in front of me or hand over your camera right now."

"But this is my camera, and you both are in a public place. This is a legitimate candid shot. I have the right to do whatever I want with the picture," Kiku hugged his camera protectively.

"Yong Soo! Xiang! You saw what happened! He pounced on me!" Yao appealed.

"Da Ge," Xiang said calmly, "When you encourage someone with words and actions, don't expect him to not respond, unless he doesn't have feelings."

"I didn't do anything suggestive to encourage him aru!"

"Yao doesn't need to do anything suggestive~ I can feel his love from the smallest of smiles and faintest of touches~" Ivan leaned across for another hug.

"Aiya! Stop that aru!" Yao pushed Ivan's roving hand away. "Didn't you say you'd stop treating me like a blow-..."

Yao hastily held his tongue. If anything, this was a suggestive word that could not be uttered in front of minors.

"...up doll da? Yes I remember that, but I still don't know what a blow-up doll is," Ivan looked around questioningly at his four companions, much to Yao's horror.

"What's a blow-up doll?" Xiang asked.

"Blow-up dolls originate from Korea da-ze!"

Kiku's face paled. "Had their relationship progressed so far that they were discussing matters restricted to the bedroom?" he thought. "Exactly how much is Yao-nii hiding from us?"

"Ivan-san, if you don't mind me asking, how long have you and Yao-nii been together for?" Kiku asked.

Ivan brought up a hand and began counting fingers. Ignoring Yao's wails of "We're not together aru!", Ivan said cheerfully, "Five days~! He officially accepted my confession on Monday, although earlier on, I was already head over heels in love with him~"

"And you were already kissing in public on the very first day of your relationship?" Xiang frowned. So much for Yao's constant criticisms of 'indecent westerners'.

"Damn! What happened to your moral values, aniki?" Yong Soo said accusingly.

"My moral values? What happened to your ears aru? Why won't you hear me out when I said that I'm not a willing party to this stupid bear's fantasies aru?" Yao puffed out his face angrily.

"You're both out on a date, sharing a lover's set meal and cosying up at a lover's popular hideout, and you expect us to believe that you're not a willing party? Did he threaten you at gunpoint?" Yong Soo argued huffily.

"Aiya! No! But..."

"Yao..." came a wobbly, high-pitched voice, accompanied by a tug at his sleeve. "Do you really hate me so?"

Yao turned around to see Ivan looking mournfully at him, tears forming in his soft, violet eyes. Even Kiku and Xiang winced in sympathy.

"Oh no," Yao gasped, horrified. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to... I'm sorry Ivan, actually, I think you're very likable aru." Helplessly, he opened his arms and beckoned to a tearful Ivan, who ran headlong into Yao's embrace, burying his face against Yao's chest. Yao stroked his blonde hair tenderly, inviting raised eyebrows all round.

"You love me da?" Ivan stared up at Yao with lovelorn eyes.

"Yes I do. Now please stop crying aru!"

"Hypocrite!" Kiku, Xiang and Yong Soo rolled their eyes in unison.

"There, there," Yao ruffled Ivan's hair. "Nothing like a nice meal to improve your spirits aru! You should really start eating before it gets too cold to taste good," Yao gestured to his untouched hot pot.

Yao then turned and made a shooing motion at the three failed interrogators, "As for you three, you've imposed on Ivan long enough. Now take yourselves off and let him enjoy his dinner in peace!"

Ivan watched Kiku, Yong Soo and Xiang pick up their school bags grudgingly, pleased that the pests were finally leaving him and his angel alone for good. Satisfied that he could relax at last, he took a large spoonful of spicy hot soup to reward his patient stomach. Living up to his expectations, the soup was exceedingly spicy, but in a uniquely delicious way. Caving in to hunger pangs, he eagerly tasted a second spoonful. Then a third. Then a fourth. Suddenly, he was not tasting anything at all.

"Yao~" Ivan groaned, real tears flowing out of his eyes. "I think I've lost my taste buds."

"Nonsense aru! It's just a temporary numbing sensation. This dish isn't called numb and spicy hotpot for nothing aru," Yao brushed off Ivan's exaggerated claims. Nevertheless, he took a closer look at Ivan's lips. They were turning redder, like the rest of his face.

"But I can't feel anything with my tongue!" Ivan mumbled as he ran his tongue over his mouth cavity and teeth in a fruitless attempt to regain feeling in it.

"Try drinking this. It's supposed to help wash down the spice," Xiang pointed at Ivan's tea, still steaming hot from the good thermal insulating properties of its ceramic container.

As though grabbing on to a lifeline, Ivan clutched the cup and downed it in one gulp. Gradually, his taste buds revealed sign of life. At first, only one quarter of them were screaming in pain. Then the next quarter of them woke up to flames, followed by the next quarter. Soon, he had a full tongue of taste buds on fire.

"Yao~! I'm dying!" Ivan wailed, perspiration, mucus and tears pouring down his face.

"Aiya Xiang! Did you do that on purpose? You should know very well that hot tea only contributes more heat aru!"

"But we drink tea with hot pot too!"

"That's us, aru! Ivan is a typical Westerner with delicate taste buds," Yao replied.

"That's not true, Heracles likes kare," Kiku said indignantly.

[Kare: Japanese curry, which is not at all spicy]

"Aiya kare is child's play. Who is Heracles?" Yao asked sharply.

"Heracles is my new classmate from Greece. He took up Japanese..."

"Should we really care who Heracles is when we're about to become murder suspects da-ze?" The voice of reason for once, Yong Soo interrupted Kiku's explanation.

"Aiya!" Taking a glance at a sobbing Ivan who looked at the end of his tether, Yao quickly instructed Kiku, Yong Soo and Xiang to gather buckets of ice, water and cups from the cafeteria. They took off without further ado.

Yao sat down beside Ivan. "Poor, poor Ivan," he leaned over and stroked Ivan's matted hair which was drenched in perspiration. He wished he had been firm about warning Ivan about the hazards this dish had for people inapt to spicy foods instead of childishly wanting to teach him a lesson with it.

"I feel like I'm in a hot pot," Ivan muttered breathlessly as he fanned himself vigorously with his hand.

"I'll help you take off your clothes. You'll feel cooler." Yao stood over Ivan and proceeded to remove Ivan's tie and all his shirts - the crazy Russian had worn so many layers under his inner shirt due to his intense fear of cold. No wonder he looked bulky - revealing a muscular torso glistening with sweat.

"Better now aru?"

Ivan shook his head. "My tongue feels like it's being bitten by a thousand ants."

"Hang in there," Yao urged. "They'll be back soon."

"Yao~" Ivan pulled an unsuspecting Yao onto his lap, causing the Chinese man to straddle his thighs awkwardly.

"Wha... what are you doing aru?" Yao struggled but Ivan only held him tighter, pinning his arms to his sides. Yao was painfully conscious of the damp skin pressing against himself.

"Yao~ kiss me~" Ivan's face was so close that Yao could smell the scent of Sichuan spice in his breath.

"Aiya! How can you still think such indecent thoughts at this sort of time!" Yao chided as he tried to put as much distance between his own face and the Russian's as possible.

"I'm serious~ You could kiss my pain away~"

"No! I can't aru!" Yao shook his head fervently.

"You won't try for me da?" Ivan's eyes filled with tears. He relinquished his grip suddenly. Yao had to grab Ivan's shoulders to prevent himself from slipping off his thighs.

"But of course you won't! You'd wished for the spice to kill me," Ivan sighed melodramatically.

"That's not true! I would never wish for your death!" Yao exclaimed, scandalized at the harsh accusation. Sure, he had cursed Ivan when the latter embarrassed him by choosing a lover's set meal in front of a long queue of schoolmates and the lecherous stall owner, but that was just in a fit of anger. Ivan did not deserve death for a reason so innocent as loving someone. Even if that someone was suffering from being loved right now.

"You will kiss me da?" Ivan's teary eyes drilled into Yao's softening amber ones.

Goaded by his conscience and Ivan's pathetic tear-stained face, Yao pressed his lips gently against Ivan's. He could feel Ivan's warm lips losing heat against his own cool ones. Ivan parted his lips invitingly, but Yao drew away instinctively, shaking his crimson head in ardent refusal.

"Yao~ You want to help me, don't you? Save me from the torment you got me into da~?" Ivan whispered encouragingly into Yao's ear.

Yao took a deep breath. He angled his lips against Ivan's and slid his tongue in. Ivan tightened his grip around the slender waist as he took pleasure in the small tongue hesitantly probing inside him. He yearned to kiss back with more passion, but this was the first time Yao had kissed him on his own accord. He did not want to scare him away. He closed his eyes, drinking in the magical moment. Yao was a good kisser. He did not kiss deeply, but in a gentle and soft manner that set him at ease. Sure enough, his pain ebbed away, replaced by fluffy feelings of bliss. Ivan could not help wondering how much experience Yao had had with kissing. Did he have many lovers before himself? Surely he did, what with being such a looker with great personality. Ill feelings began setting in again, this time from jealousy...


Yao shot up in fright at the sound of his cousin's angry voice. Ivan turned around, his mind spinning off a dozen curses that he wished to heap on the inconsiderate intruder. A passable personification of the Italian flag appeared before their eyes. Greatly disturbed by the scene of a usually modest Yao wantonly making out in public with a half-naked Ivan, Xiang's face was sickly green, Kiku looked pale, while Yong Soo was red with rage.

"You great, big hypocrite!" Yong Soo flung down his buckets of ice and stormed off.

Xiang stared mutely at Yao, set down a tray of empty plastic cups and ran off after Yong Soo.

"Er... sorry for the interruption!" Kiku put down a pail of bottled water and hurried off after his cousins.

"Wait!" Yao cried. "It's not what you think aru!"

"Ignore them, Yao~ Let's continue~"

"AIYA IVAN BRAGINSKI! I've had enough of you aru!" Yao smacked Ivan across the face.


Chapter 16: Ivan and Yao are now a School Couple... Not.

Yao walked briskly, trying to set as much distance as he could between himself and his persistent stalker. Two weeks had passed since his first date with Ivan. He had made it very clear to the Russian that that was their last date, but Ivan relentlessly stuck to him like a leech, trailing him everywhere he went except when Yao was having lessons. And each time Yao emerged from his classroom, Ivan would appear in front of him again, looking at him with mournful puppy-dog eyes.

"Yao~" Ivan cried from behind, "What do I have to do to earn your forgiveness?"

"Nothing aru!" Yao said impatiently. "I've already told you that I've forgiven you! Now leave me alone!"

"You're lying!" Ivan wailed. "If you forgave me, you would not have said that that was our last date da!"

"You've caused irreparable damage to my reputation but I forgave you for that. What more do you want!" Yao replied angrily without turning back to look at his distressed persuer.

"I want our relationship to be back to normal da!" Ivan cried.

"Oh do you mean normal friends? Sure, we can be friends, but friends don't stalk each other aru!" Yao countered coldly.

"Yao is my boyfriend da!" Ivan declared.

"I'm not your boyfriend aru!" Yao retorted.

"Then you obviously have not forgiven me da! Tell me what I have to do to earn your forgiveness!" Ivan cried as they slowed to a halt in front of the Student Council Room. Yao fumbled with his keys while Ivan watched on anxiously.

"Yao is so petty!" Ivan huffed. "It's already been two weeks and you're still so cold to me!"

"Well, it's been two weeks and students and even teachers are still writing petitions to me, stopping me in the corridors to ask me to take my 'problematic boyfriend' in hand!'" Yao snapped as he turned the key in his hand.

"It's not my fault that the word spread," Ivan pouted.

"But you started the fire! And there's absolutely no way I'm going to feed the fire with more wood before I stamp it out!" Yao slammed the door on a startled Ivan.

"Yao, I'll wait here for you!" Ivan called out when he had regained his wits.

"Bonjour ma jolie," Francis, the only person in the room, greeted. "Don't forget to lock the door," he reminded.

"You're early again!" Yao remarked as he settled down at his desk.

Usually, Francis only came when club hours were ending. However, lately he had been coming in much earlier than anyone else to avoid running into Ivan. The first time he came face-to-face with Ivan outside the room, he nearly had a heart attack. Of course, he would never admit that.

Francis sashayed to Yao's table and propped himself on the edge of his desk. Crossing his long legs leisurely, he said, "I came early because I thought you might like to seek some love advice from Nii-san."

"I don't know what you're talking about aru," Yao said testily.

"Why, you and Ivan the Terrible of course. The whole school knows about it, so don't even try denying it," Francis winked.

Yao sighed. Francis was right, and he had long given up denying it, knowing what a waste of breath it was. Still, it was beyond him why everyone would choose to believe his clownish Korean cousin over his honest, upright self. Knowing full well the hazards social networking websites had on personal privacy, Yao had monitored Kiku's Facebook activity hawkishly to ensure that he had not posted up the incriminating photo of Ivan springing a kiss on him. Unfortunately, he had forgotten what a loud-mouthed tattletale his other cousin was. By the time his inbox was filled with congratulatory messages, suicide threats and hate mail, he saw, far too late, Yong Soo's latest status update: "Stupid aniki makes out in public with his boyfriend that he has only met for 5 days but calls his bestest friend and favourite cousin in the world indecent for groping his breasts! Hypocrites originate from China da-ze!"

"I must say," Francis drawled, "You have weird taste, ma jolie. Ivan is cute in a 'I'm a lovable teddy, hug me' kind of way, and probably exceptionally well-developed in his vital regions - he gave another annoying wink - but he's a complete nutter."

"Don't call him a nutter," Yao defended instinctively.

"My, my, jumping to lover-boy's defence already? Keep an eye on him then, and make sure he doesn't do things that make people call him a nutter," Francis grinned mischievously.

"What he does has nothing to do with me aru!" Yao shot back.

"Let nii-san give you some valuable advice," Francis continued, unfazed by Yao's irritated expression. "While a little lover's squabble is healthy for a relationship, a long and intense disagreement like yours is bad. The good news is, there's a guaranteed solution to solve your problem. All you have to do is -beep- and -beep- and -beep- and..."

Minutes later, Alfred and Arthur entered the Student Council Room to witness the near-decapitation of Francis by a Chinese wok.

"Help~! Ivan's love for violence has rubbed off on Yao!" Francis ran behind Arthur.

Alfred pulled Arthur out of harm's way as the wok flew through the air where Arthur's head was just seconds ago and smashed against the door with a resounding clang.

"Yao~! Are you all right?" Came a muffled cry from the other side.

"I'm fine aru!" Yao snapped, knowing that Ivan would probably break down the door if he failed to reply. "Go away!"

"But nii-san is not fine..." Francis quaked under a desk which he had dived under to escape a second near-death experience.

"Calm the fuck down! This is the Student Council Room for God's sake! You're scaring poor Arthur," Alfred hugged the Englishman protectively as Yao tossed his wok angrily into an armchair.

"I'm not scared, baka! Get your hands off me!" Arthur shoved Alfred away rudely.

"You weren't so eager to let go of my hand when you saw Ivan Braginski skulking outside just now," Alfred pouted.

"You grabbed my hand first, you bastard!" Arthur shouted.

"If my heroic presence hadn't protected you, you'd be in trouble! Mind you, he was in such a bad mood that I'm sure he'd have attacked you if not for me," Alfred took out a burger from his jacket and promptly began chomping.

"Like he would be intimidated by you. He only listens to Yao. Right?" Arthur glared meaningfully at Yao.

"What?" Feigning ignorance, Yao settled down at his desk and began working on his computer. Really, why did everybody assume that he was obligated to take this wild polar bear in hand?

*     *     *

The student council room was bathed in silence as everyone concentrated on their work at hand. In truth, while they were completely focused on their computers, some were hardly concentrating on actual work.


A message notification from the Student Council Communication Network popped up on Yao's taskbar. Yao maximized the window and groaned inwardly when he saw the message.

"Hey ma jolie, why is everyone hooking up with everyone except me? Aren't I the most charming and beautiful man in this school?"

"Only in your dreams. Stop disturbing me. I need to concentrate on doing the accounts."

Francis let out a snort and craned his neck towards Yao. Yao was looking intently at his screen.

"How is Ivan the Terrible better than me? I've been chasing you for the past four years and you won't even go on a date with me. Yet you guys meet for five days and you're already making out with him."

Francis sniggered as furious tapping sounds issued from Yao's keyboard.

"For the record, you've been chasing everyone in this school for the past four years. To answer your question, Ivan is taller than you, cuter than you, more sincere than you and more romantic than you. There. Should I criticize you further?"

Yao tapped the 'Enter' key triumphantly. While Yao was a friendly person, he was also very proud. He hated playing second fiddle to anyone. Only true love deserved his effort, so Francis' Casanova tendencies would never make the cut in his book. If there was anything he hated in a relationship, it was insincerity. He would not waste his time on any frivolous skin-deep relationships.

Ivan, on the other hand, was practically the epitome of devotion. Yao studied his message, and was surprised by how genuine his compliments for Ivan seemed. Anyone who knew less would have thought that he really liked the Russian pervert! Personally, he did not consider being romantic a virtue, but he knew it would be a setback for Francis, who virtually considered himself a human Eros, to learn that someone else was actually more romantic (perverted) than himself.

Yet in his urgency to put the French man in his place, he had unconsciously spewed out all his deepest, truest thoughts about Ivan. Yao had had his fair share of stalkers and admirers, but none of them had ever stalked him incessantly as Ivan did. Regardless of how much he had yelled at him for the past week, Ivan would be the first person he met in the morning when he exited his dormitory building, with a bouquet of sunflowers for him. From his unkempt hair and dark eye-bags under the Russian's tired eyes, Yao knew he had woken up especially early to catch him before he left for school. He was always there no matter how early he woke up to avoid him. When he finished attending a class, Ivan was right outside the classroom waiting for him. When he was having his meals with his friends, Ivan was a table away from him, eating by his lonesome self. In fact, overlooking Ivan's perverseness and intimidatingly huge frame, his adorableness and sincerity were very much his cup of tea. Not to mention, if Ivan had been truthful, he had been in love with him for the past three months, which was a rather long time for an unreciprocated crush.

A loud wail from Francis, a scream from Arthur and a shout from Alfred jolted Yao out of his affectionate thoughts for Ivan.

"Boohoohoo! Nobody loves me! How can this be when I have such a charming body? Mais non!" Francis flung his clothes all over Alfred and ran around the room stark-naked.


*     *     *

When Yao proceeded to leave for the day, Ivan was waiting outside for him as usual.

"Why are you still here? Don't you have classes to go to?" Yao exclaimed.

"I memorized Yao's schedule da~ I only come and look for you when I know you're in between classes or club duties, so I don't actually miss too much of my classes," Ivan explained, knowing that Yao thought badly of students who skipped classes.

"It's actually better if you don't miss any bit of class at all aru, the teachers always leave the most important stuff like exam tips to when you least expect it," Yao said, speaking from experience.

"But it's the only way I can see you~ Because you still won't forgive me~ Unless you'll change your mind?"

For good measure, he blinked rapidly to stimulate his tear ducts. Yao had to pinch his eyes shut to prevent himself from being captivated by the watery eyes.

"For the last time, I have already forgiven you aru," Yao's shoulders sagged tiredly.

"So we're lovers again da?" Ivan cheerfully placed his arm around Yao's shoulders.

"We were never lovers in the first place aru!" Yao lifted Ivan's arm off his shoulders and flung it aside.

"Aww~ Yao still hasn't forgiven me~ I'll just have to try harder until Yao forgives me da," Ivan smiled brightly.

Sighing, Yao raised his hands in resignation, "I give up. You may think and do as you wish."

Turning his back firmly on Ivan, he walked away as quickly as his legs could take him. Undetterred, Ivan picked up pace and hurried after his beloved, hoping that he would be able to grab a table next to him at dinner.

On to next chapter...

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