[露中 R18] Lovers in the Sunflower Field - Chapter 2

Image (C) Hollowmyst

Series: APH Hetalia
| Pairing: Ivan x Yao (Russia x China, 露中) | Genre: Romance, Lemon | Rating: R-18

Synopsis: Ivan decides that the day of the official declaration of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance is an appropriate day to bring their friendship one step further. No, make that several steps, da.

My take on Ivan and Yao's first time together.

Disclaimer: The following story is a derivative work of APH and shares no relation to actual countries, political ideologies, history or events. Characters are copyright to Hidekaz Himaruya, but the storyline and writing are copyright to me. You may share the link to my blog or blog post, but you may not repost my writings without my permission.

Chapter 2: A Picnic in Winter

Yao leaned against Ivan’s broad back, taking in the calming scenery of crystal-clear blue skies, helmed by white patches of frost. Despite it being winter, the strong glass roof above them kept the flurries of snowflakes away. The temperature indoors was indeed warm as Ivan had promised, so much so that Yao had to remove his jacket. Safe for a little clearing where Ivan and Yao sat in, the rest of the interior of the glass building that they were in, as far as his eyes could see, was filled with endless rows of large sunflowers so bright that it seemed as though they radiated sunlight. They emitted a fresh, sweet scent that set his mind at ease. Coupled with the alcoholic nature of freshly brewed Vodka, Yao felt as though he had not a care in the world. It had been ages since his heart felt so light.

“Do you like my special place?” Ivan asked.

"A greenhouse huh," Yao grinned. "I must say, I usually prefer flowers in their natural environment, but your  indoor sunflower field is impressive."

Ivan said thoughtfully, “I’ve always wanted a field of sunflowers like this. But my climate is so cold that it seems almost an impossible dream. And then you inspired me."

"Me?" Yao cocked his head curiously, wondering why he would have anything to do with the art of gardening.

"Da! You came from a land strange to me, yet you spread your warmth to me and melted my cold heart. It occurred to me then that I, too, could bring a sun to my sunflowers, just like how fate brought you to me," Ivan said dreamily.

Yao was taken aback. Laughing awkwardly, he said, "Ahaha, good heavens, fancy comparing me to the sun. You make me sound like some martyr I can't possibly bear that burden aru."

"I'm not joking," Ivan said solemnly. "Your existence has always been special to me."

Yao felt his face flush. He found himself wanting to know what Ivan meant by ‘special'. Yet at the same time, he was frightened and embarrassed to ask. What if Ivan’s answer was not what he expected?

Due to cultural and personality differences, Yao often chided Ivan for all sorts of things, most frequently when Ivan was being over-friendly with suggestive words, back-breaking hugs and inappropriate touches. That was not to say that Yao disliked Ivan. Far from that, he was quite fond of the Russian.

For the past thousands of years in his long life, Yao never had a real friend. Other nations encroached on his lands and his rights, allying with him only when they realized how useful he was to them. His siblings had all left him, taken away by force, or headed by choice to what they thought were greener pastures.

His relationship with Ivan had by no means been smooth as they alternated between foes and allies. Yet in the recent years when he was facing his darkest days against invasion by his very own sibling, it had been Ivan who extended friendship and a helping hand. They had supported each other, fighting side by side and braving the dark times together.

And now, even after victory had dawned and they no longer needed each other, Ivan had extended his friendship to him again, promising a better future for both of them if Yao would stand by him through thick and thin.

Just like a married couple.

Yao blushed. It was Ivan who had thought of this embarrassing allegory and took great delight in reminding him about it in his teasing tone. Yao thought he would not scold him so badly for it if Ivan had sounded more serious.

A cold gloved finger tip on his cheek caused him to snap out of his day dream.

“Don’t you get distracted when you’re with me!” Ivan pouted. “Unless,” his pout turned into a grin, “you’re thinking about me?”

“Aiya of course not aru! Stop being so thick-skinned!” Yao snapped.

Ivan adjusted himself so that he was sitting side-by-side with Yao.

“Hehe~ Cheer up Yao! My boss has signed the treaty as you hoped for. Isn’t it worth celebrating? You should drink more vodka da!” he filled another glass of Vodka and placed it into Yao’s hand.

“Cheers!” Ivan clinked his bottle against Yao’s glass and took a large sip.

“I don’t think that’s the end of it,” Yao set his glass down worriedly. “Your boss didn’t seem very keen to sign the treaty. I foresee problems in the near future aru.”

“But he signed it,” Ivan said, surprised that Yao made such a comment. “He will lose everyone’s trust if he breaks his promise.”

“He may keep to the terms of the treaty, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make things difficult for me. I think he doesn’t like me aru,” Yao said worriedly.

“Nonsense, Yao is so adorable. How can anyone not like you da?” Ivan pinched Yao’s cheeks playfully.

“Aiya be serious! I meant liking me as a nation, not a person aru!”

“Hmm…” Ivan put a finger to his lip, “I don’t see why he would dislike you if you don’t oppose him.”

“That’s the problem,” Yao chewed on his bottom lip anxiously. “My boss is very ambitious too. If your boss doesn’t give us his sincere blessings, there may be serious problems with our relationship in future.”

Ivan could not stand it anymore. He let out such a guffaw of laughter that Yao was at a loss for words for a few seconds.

“This is a serious matter! Stop laughing aru!” Yao smacked Ivan hard on the arm.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,” Ivan chortled as a tear rolled down his cheeks. “If we replaced the word ‘boss’ with ‘father’, we would sound like a young couple fretting over our marriage prospects da~!”

Yao felt his face heat up considerably. Ivan was right in a way.

“Oh for heaven’s sake!” Yao threw his arms up in resignation. “I should have known better than to discuss this with you. Since when do you ever come up with workable solutions?”

“Become one with me,” Ivan’s face was suddenly very close to Yao’s as he said this.

Yao flared up. “Like I was saying, it was absolutely useless to…”

Before Yao could finish his sentence, Ivan had leaned forward and stifled his angry retort with his lips. He slid his tongue past the still-parted lips into the honey-sweet depth. It tasted Yao's sweetness, roamed over the ridges of the roof of Yao's mouth, slid over satiny inner cheeks and sensuously entwined with Yao's shy tongue. Their bodies were pressed so closely against each other that he could feel Yao's frenzied heartbeat beating against his own chest.

"Hnngh..." Yao let out a muffled whimper as he struggled for lack of air. Realizing Yao’s discomfort, Ivan relinquished his grip. As Yao breathed heavily, staring back at him with a glazed expression, Ivan mischievously blew into his ear, causing him to give a start.

“Mmm… Your lips are delicious as I’ve always thought them to be ~” Ivan licked his own lips contentedly as he admired Yao’s adorable beet-root red face.

“What… why… you… what the… what the hell aru!” Yao spluttered, so shocked he was that he failed to find the right words to express his confusion and rage.

“You asked for a solution and I gave you one,” Ivan said seriously. “If you marry me, I’ll take care of you forever. You won’t have to worry about what those old fogeys think.”

“You know that’s impossible aru! I’m a nation and I have my own pride!” Yao cried. Then he added, “However, I will gladly consider it if you want to merge with me aru.”

“But that wouldn’t be right since I look every bit like your seme and you look like my uke. Naturally, you should marry into my family and not the other way round da!” Ivan argued.

“What?” Yao demanded, failing to understand what he had just heard.

“Oh, seme is like the man in a homosexual relationship, while uke is like the girl. Elizaveta was talking about it at one of our Soviet family dinner gatherings,” Ivan explained cheerfully.

This provoked an aggressive response in Yao. Standing up and stomping his foot, he snarled, “I’m not a girl and I’m not in a homosexual relationship with you aru!”

He turned on his heels to leave, but Ivan caught hold of his wrist. A firm tug caused Yao to lose his balance and he fell into Ivan’s lap. Ivan hugged Yao tightly from behind.

“Don’t be so cruel, Yao~ It took me a lot of courage and vodka to confess my love for you~”

“Do you call this a confession? It’s nothing short of sexual harassment! Release me aru!” Yao struggled in vain against Ivan’s strong arms.

“But I really mean it when I say that I want to marry you. Why won't you believe me?” Ivan whined sadly. 

“You just want me to join the Soviet Union like every other nation in the world. I’d be a fool if I agreed to become your pawn aru!”

Ivan gave a heavy sigh as he loosened his embrace around Yao slightly.

“Do you really think that I regard you as a pawn?” Ivan asked in a morose voice.

“I don’t think it, I see it,” Yao shot back. "You ask everyone to become one with you, and if they don't, you intimidate them into it!"

"All right, I'll admit that I like having other nations live with me because it's lonely in my big house. But only because you refuse to move in with me da!"

"But of course aru! You wouldn't need those nations around you if you have my large house, wealth of natural resources and inexhaustible population of people. But I won't let you lay a hand on any more of my belongings!" Yao spoke with fierce determination.

Ivan heaved a sigh of resignation.

“All right then, mind getting off my lap?” Spotting the frown on Yao’s face, he hastily clarified, “Just for awhile da~ I want to show you something.”

Yao clambered off his lap, muttering, “It’s not as though I wanted to sit on your lap…”

Ivan reached for his briefcase and burrowed his hands in it. Soon, he produced a large lacquered wooden box and placed it in Yao’s hands.

“A present for you~ Open it da!” Ivan said gleefully.

Yao cast him a suspicious look. Then he proceeded to lift the cover. In it was a heavy wooden painted doll with an almost oval-shaped body, a rounded head and flat base. Yao found its violet eyes, tan-coloured clothing and silvery-blond hair exceedingly familiar.

“It’s a Matryoshka doll da~ With each one you open up, you will find another smaller one inside. It took me ages to make and paint these~” Ivan said proudly as he looked expectantly at Yao.

Realizing that Ivan was waiting for him to open up the next doll, Yao obliged and opened it up to remove another wooden representation of Ivan. He continued to open up each doll, marveling at the delicate workmanship, while at the same time, feeling exasperated at Ivan’s massive ego. Ivan’s boss’ inclination for a personality cult seemed to have rubbed off on him.

After he had set six tiny Ivan dolls on the ground, all dressed in different outfits but sporting the same violet eyes and silvery blond hair, and was just about to tell Ivan what he really thought of his conceited gift, Yao opened a last hollow doll, revealing, to his surprise, a tiny doll that stood out from its larger counterparts. Its hair, which sported an obvious side parting, was painted black, ending in a thin strip of black against its shoulder. Its shirt was red with Chinese buttons represented by protruding wooden balls down the front, and its pants were black. Yao was so surprised that he nearly dropped it.

“Do you like my present? I spent the longest time on that last one, because it’s so small and delicate, and yet so important to me da~,” Gently, he took Yao's hand and placed it on his own chest over where his heart was.

What did this mean? Could he be so presumptuous to assume that this was a true confession of love? He glanced at Ivan, whose pale cheeks were faintly pink.

Feeling his own cheeks grow warm, he nodded shyly. “I… I love it very much aru.” Heartily embarrassed, he pulled his hand away and busied himself with reassembling the Matryoshka doll. Disorientation setting in, his trembling hands tried repeatedly to put the bigger dolls inside the smaller dolls. Sighing, Ivan grabbed the dolls, assembled them within seconds and returned them to their box.

“Umm… thanks for the…” Yao began, but Ivan was not interested in hearing his words of gratitude. He put his arms around Yao and drew him into another iron-grip hug.

"Yao~ I love you da!" Ivan declared, his violet eyes sparkling with happiness.

"All... all right, I heard," Yao mumbled bashfully.

"Do you believe me now? Say that you believe me da!" Ivan insisted.

"I believe you."

"Hmm..... that doesn't sound very sincere. Ah, I know! I want you to say 'I believe that Ivan loves me'," Ivan beamed happily.

"That's just silly aru! You're so childish!" Yao cried, his face blushing furiously.

"Why? Just say it! It won't hurt you!" Ivan wheedled. "Do you still doubt my sincerity? Should I say 'I love you' a few more times? I love you, Yao. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you so much. I..."

"I BELIEVE THAT IVAN LOVES ME ARU!" Yao burst out, his eyes swimming with tears from the excruciating embarrassment. Good heavens, Ivan was such a pest! But an adorable one, he could not help thinking, when Ivan's face lit up like a child who had just received the biggest piece of candy he had ever seen.

"Yao is the best da!" Ivan cried. He leaned forward and fused their mouths together, nibbling Yao's lip sensuously. This time, moved by Ivan's confession, Yao obediently allowed Ivan to do as he wished. He had to concede, Ivan's kisses gave him a thrill that he had never experienced. 

Ivan tugged Yao’s long silky hair backwards, firmly but not hard enough to cause pain, detaching his hair tie in the process. As Yao’s head tilted backwards, Ivan slid his tongue further inside, devouring Yao with a kiss filled with dominance and possession. He growled in approval when Yao, having no place to escape, hesitantly allowed his own slick tongue to slide into his mouth.

Yao’s silent consent induced in him a roaring desire to further unleash his affection. He pressed Yao down onto the ground and prostrated himself over the smaller body, his mouth never leaving those delicious lips. A hand shamelessly slid towards Yao’s vital regions and began tracing his erection under his black pants.

Heated passion gave way to panic when Yao realized the indecent manner that Ivan was touching him. He struggled hard and tried to bat Ivan’s audacious hand away. He twisted his head frantically so that Ivan had little choice but to release his lips.

“I… Ivan! What are you doing!” Yao gasped.

Ivan gazed back at the picture of perfection lying below him as he pondered how to answer. Yao’s cheeks were flushed and his lips were swollen and glistening from their passionate kiss. Flames of anger lit up his resentful amber eyes, further igniting Ivan's desire to conquer him.

A feral smile appeared on his face, alarming Yao. He looked so different from the innocent-looking boy who had declared his love to him persistently just moments ago! The next words that came out of Ivan's mouth caused all the crimson on his face to drain away.

“I want to make love to you da.”

On to Chapter 3

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

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