[露中 R18] Lovers in the Sunflower Field - Chapter 3

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Series: APH Hetalia
| Pairing: Ivan x Yao (Russia x China, 露中) | Genre: Romance, Lemon | Rating: R-18

Synopsis: Ivan decides that the day of the official declaration of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance is an appropriate day to bring their friendship one step further. No, make that several steps, da.

My take on Ivan and Yao's first time together.

Disclaimer: The following story is a derivative work of APH and shares no relation to actual countries, political ideologies, history or events. Characters are copyright to Hidekaz Himaruya, but the storyline and writing are copyright to me. You may share the link to my blog or blog post, but you may not repost my writings without my permission.

Chapter 3: Passion for Reason

Warning: Explicit description of male-on-male foreplay

Ivan latched his lips to Yao’s neck, caressing the soft, delicate skin with loving kisses that grew harder with each whimper that Yao made. When his lips paused on Yao’s slender shoulder, he sucked hard on it, leaving behind a red blemish on the ivory neck. His first mark on Yao, he thought triumphantly.

“Ivan… don’t you think we’re moving too fast?” Yao gasped. “I know you love me, but…”

“But you don't love me, is that right?” Ivan asked in a soft, awkward tone. He looked at him out of sad puppy eyes so forlorn that Yao thought his own heart would break. Ivan looked so innocent and childlike right now that he could not bear the thought of him being hurt.

“Of course not! I do love you, but... " Reflexively, Yao clapped a hand over his mouth when he realized what he had just said. But Ivan had taken delight in his confession, which he considered an affirmation to unleash his repressed affection.

“Yao, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I love you too. It’s all right…” Ivan moved his hand to the top of Yao’s shirt, where he began undoing the Chinese button knots.

A smack across his face caused Ivan to halt his aggression.

“It is NOT all right!” Yao bellowed. He struggled wildly, pushing at Ivan’s chest with his hands and flailing his legs like a mad man.

Stunned by the hard blow, Ivan relinquished his grip on Yao, who hastily backed out from beneath Ivan and sat up straight.

"I... I'm sorry aru," Yao mumbled when he spotted a faint handprint on Ivan's cheek.

Ivan reeled slightly from the hard blow, but he composed himself. Gripping Yao’s arms tightly so he could not escape, Ivan said solemnly, “I love you, and you love me. Tell me what’s so wrong about wanting to make love to my lover.”

“Like I said, I… I think we’re progressing too quickly aru,” Yao stammered. He turned his head to avoid Ivan’s penetrating gaze, but Ivan cupped his jaw with one hand, compelling him to face him.

“What are you waiting for then? A solar eclipse? For the stars to change their positions? Or for the skies to rain gold?” Ivan remarked sarcastically.

Yao gave him a dicerning glare. “You Westerners are always so promiscuous. You don’t understand the significance of modesty and chastity.”

“That’s a terribly unjust generalization! I’ll have you know that I’m still a virgin da~” Ivan pouted.

Yao gave a cynical snort.

“I’m serious! Ever since I wanted you, I made up my mind to give you my first time~” Ivan maintained with a straight face.

“Well, thanks, but no thanks,” Yao snarled. “So you really had ulterior motives when you suddenly became all friendly and helpful to me in recent years?”

“Coercion didn’t seem to work on you, so I had to change my strategy~ It worked out, didn’t it?” Ivan said smilingly. Then adopting a more serious tone, he asked, “Honestly speaking, would it really please you if I bedded someone else?”

In a very small but determined voice, Yao answered, “No.”

“Ah ha~! I just knew that Yao wants my first time too!” Ivan reached out a hand and continued to undo another button on Yao’s shirt.

“No!” Yao hissed as he clutched Ivan’s wrist to prevent him from proceeding.

“Why not?” Ivan whined.

“In my culture, this is the sort of thing we do only when we’re married, and only to our spouse aru. I… I have never broken my abstinence and I don’t intend to,” Yao said.

Ivan smiled more cheerfully than ever. “I see~  You want me to marry you da? But that's exactly what I mean to do! We’ll have a wedding ceremony and declare our merger to the United Nations. Your people will all come and live on my land and you will move into my house. I have more than enough space for you and all your siblings when they come home~ It’s only a matter of time, after all, everyone will become one with Russia. Kolkolkolkol~”

“Even if you were the last nation left in this world, I would never become one with you aru!” Yao snapped.

Ivan’s smile faded and tears began to fill his round, violet eyes.

“Do you really detest me so much? I gave you a present made from love and all you gave me was a slap and mean words.”

As real tears began to trickle down Ivan’s cheeks, Yao regretted his actions and harsh words. He wanted to return Ivan’s affection, but Ivan was so passionate that Yao was simply at a loss. It was not in his culture to openly show affection for even his own kin, let alone someone with no relation to him.

“I’m so sorry, Ivan, I don’t detest you at all aru,” an immensely guilt-ridden Yao stretched out his hand to wipe his tears. “I wouldn’t have turned up empty-handed if I knew you were going to give me a present. In fact, I can go out and get you one this very moment, or I can make you something if you like.”

Yao made to get up, but Ivan pushed him back down onto the ground. “That won’t be necessary when I already have the present that I want here~!” Ivan, who had cheered up instantaneously, resumed his lewd encroachment on Yao’s shirt.

“You rogue!” Yao cried as he slapped Ivan’s hand away. “Why don’t you ever listen to a word I say?”

“No, you’re the one who should listen to me!” Ivan grabbed hold of Yao’s wrists and stared into his deep amber eyes that brimmed with defiance. Yao stopped struggling and glared at Ivan, waiting for him to speak.

“I… you… well…” Ivan frowned as he tried to find words to express his feelings. He had already used the word ‘love’ several times and yet Yao did not seem to think much of his confession. Finally, unable to articulate his  emotions and deciding that actions spoke louder than words, he closed his mouth over Yao’s in a long, slow, deep kiss, hoping to inject all his affection and sincerity into it.

A silvery line hung scandalously in the air as Ivan detached himself from Yao’s delectable lips.

“Yao…” Ivan took Yao’s hands in his own. “If I can have you, I don’t want anything else. Not even your land. I just want to be with you forever. Won’t you trust me?”

Yao gazed into Ivan’s mesmerizing violets. The predatory glint in it had vanished. All that existed was endearing innocence.

Yao sighed. He knew Ivan was right. They were lovers and sooner or later, this would have to happen. Why not now, when Ivan was practically pleading with him for the first time in his life, when the atmosphere was just right, when his body was already fired up with passion?

“If it’s not my land you’re after, then I suppose… it’s all right aru,” Yao muttered. He brought a trembling finger to his shirt buttons.

Ivan could scarcely believe his fortune as he watched Yao’s slim, delicate fingers undo each of the Chinese knots. Yao’s movements were hesitant and slow, even a little clumsy, but to Ivan, it was akin to watching a sensuous strip tease.

Yao slipped his silk brocade shirt off his shoulders. Ivan sighed as his eyes hungrily traced every detail of the lithe, ivory body tinted with slight pink. He drooled at the sight of rosy nipples on Yao's smooth, hairless chest erected invitingly. Yao moved his hands to the hem of his pants. He paused for a while, the crimson on his face deepening by another notch. Ivan wondered if he would have to help him remove them. But with a determined look, Yao took hold of the hem and slid his pants and boxers down, slowly but surely revealing slender, creamy thighs in all their naked glory. Reflexively, Yao clamped his legs together to hide his vital regions. Ivan smiled at Yao’s fruitless attempts to protect his modesty. He knew that Yao would not be able to hide it later.

Mistaking Ivan’s smile for amusement, Yao immediately felt self-conscious.

"It's rude to stare aru!" Yao snapped as he crossed his arms around his chest. He trembled from head to toe as a reddish tint affected his pale skin. Yao looked so vulnerable that Ivan had to exercise a huge amount of self-control to curb his wolfish instincts. He did not want their first time to be a nightmare for Yao.

In his gentlest voice possible, Ivan said, "Don't be afraid, Yao, I'm not going to hurt you da."

"I'm not afraid!" Yao retorted.

"But you're trembling so hard. Am I so terrifying?" Ivan pouted.

"Aiya! That's because it's cold!" Yao cried. "I'm not used to being out and about without clothes aru!"

"Ah I see~ Don't worry about the cold, it will go away when I warm you up later~ " Ivan chirped happily. "Now be a good boy and remove your arms. I want to look at your beautiful chest.

Ivan reached out to take hold of his hands, but Yao shook his head ardently and hugged himself tightly.

"We're both men... There's nothing interesting to see... "

"But you look very different from me and my neighbours da. You're so slender and petite, and your black hair contrasts so beautifully with your bare skin. Take your hands off, I want to have a closer look."

Compulsively, he grabbed Yao's wrists and pulled his arms aside so that he could admire the gorgeous being in front of him in all his nakedness. He could see that Yao was still shivering, and his chest rose and fell visibly. He was delighted to note that Yao was getting more flushed by the second. Yao must be looking forward to this too, he thought gleefully. His gaze travelled to Yao's eager erection and he smiled knowingly at it.

“Stop staring and grinning aru!” Yao cried. “I… I know my body isn’t much of a looker, but…” Yao bit his lips nervously, for once, wishing he had dedicated more time to working out instead of eating. While blessed with the ability to eat as much as he wanted without putting on weight, it also meant that he remained thin and flaccid without exercising.

Noticing Yao’s distressed look, Ivan promptly stopped laughing.

“What are you talking about, Yao? Your naked body is gorgeous. Every inch of you is flawless. I’m trembling with excitement at the thought that every inch of your perfect body is going to belong to me da.”

“I… I’m not perfect…” Yao murmured. “I don’t have muscles… and I have an ugly scar on my back aru…”

“You’re perfect for me da,” Ivan said assertively. “And much as I wish you did not have to tolerate the pain that went into that scar, I think it is a striking symbol of your courage. You should be proud.”

Yao smiled at him. “You’re a good friend, Ivan.”

“I’m a good lover too da,” Ivan reminded him. “And I’ll prove it to you right now.”

With movements surer, quicker and more aggressive than Yao’s, Ivan made quick work of his coat and flung it aside. He stripped off the multiple layers of woollen shirts under his coat with great haste, but slowed down when he reached the last layer, a thin white shirt with a vertical zipper, which he slowly slid down, while smiling seductively at Yao.

Yao frequently wondered whether Ivan’s claim of having big bones was merely an excuse for the fact that he needed dieting. Now looking at Ivan’s taut, muscular body, he began to feel that his winter clothes had done his well-sculpted body a terrible injustice. Captivated, Yao’s eyes travelled down the fuzzy, broad chest, past the well-defined abs, to his taut, hard abdominal muscles, wondering how Heaven could be so biased to bless Ivan with nothing less than the epitome of a perfect male body, a far cry from his own, when they were both men. His eyes travelled further down, and he gave a start upon realization that he was being treated to a full view of Ivan’s magnificent manhood standing out upright and stiff from his unzipped pants.

Yao had heard that condoms in Russia were made to XXL size, but never in his life did he imagine that this tidbit of news should mean anything to him. His heart began to race more frantically at the thought of the huge rod penetrating him.

Taking the cue from Yao’s silence and shocked expression, Ivan said proudly, “You’re so impressed that you’re at a loss for words da? Mark my words, my little buddy not only looks good but will make you feel good~”

“Little?” Yao squeaked. “I can't possibly handle that aru!”

“You will handle it da!” Ivan declared aggressively. Seeing a shadow of fear in Yao’s eyes, Ivan relaxed his tone. “Just relax da? We’ll start slow. I know what to do. I’ve done my research. Trust me.”

Ivan pressed his body against Yao and guided him to lie back on the ground. He kissed his way along Yao's jaw, sucking and biting gently as the smaller nation whimpered soft cries of need and pleasure. He licked his way to the rosy discs. A cry of shock and joy escaped Yao's lips as Ivan nursed one succulent nub, quickly stifled when Yao clamped a hand over his mouth.

“You can cry out as much as you want. Nobody ever comes here without my permission~ Besides, your cries really turn me on da.”

Ivan lavished equal attention on the other plum circle, inciting a moan. Ivan's pride rose exponentially with the swelling of his lover's manhood.

Moving further down to stimulate Yao’s lower torso, Ivan placed open-mouthed kisses down the soft, sweet flesh of his smooth navel, making his dark-haired beauty writhe erotically under him. When he came upon his mate's raised shaft, he took it in his mouth, pleasuring it while indulging in the irresistible sight of Yao’s hips rising and falling hypnotically to his avid eyes. Unable to bear it anymore, Yao’s straining member filled Ivan’s mouth with its essence. Ivan swallowed greedily, holding Yao’s hips still until he convulsed and cried out in his completion.

“You taste yummy, my little sunflower, I can’t wait to eat you up,” Ivan licked his lover’s cream off his lips contentedly.

“You lecher, are you sure this is your first time?” Yao gasped.

“Not if you count those times when I made you come in my dreams~” Ivan replied cheerfully.

“… Pervert,” Yao narrowed his eyes reproachfully.

“Thank you for the compliment~” came the brazen reply. “The romantic films that my people are so talented at making have been really inspirational too da~” 

“Oh do you mean pornography?” Yao said condescendingly. “I thought it was banned by your boss. You really love breaking rules, don’t you?”

“Anything for you, my beloved little sunflower~! But I must say, the Su Nu Jing from your personal library was even more educational and comprehensive than any of my films. When I first opened it up, it never occurred to me that a prudish nation like you would write such an in-depth book about sex ~” Ivan’s smile grew brighter as Yao’s face darkened.

“What! You entered my personal library without my permission! Anyway, the book was meant for married couples so it was perfectly legitimate!” Yao exclaimed hotly.

“Does that matter now that you’re doing something illegitimate by your own terms? You’re a rule breaker too~” Ivan teased.

“And whose fault is that?” Yao retorted.

“Your own for being such a siren,” Ivan said cheerfully. Adopting a more solemn tone, Ivan said, “You know… When I’m lonely, I fantasize about you, and when I do, I touch myself. I figured I could make you come by touching you in the same way.”

Ivan gave Yao a heart-melting bashful smile that quelled whatever angry retorts Yao had wanted to mete out.

“You sound like a lovesick fool aru,” Yao chided half-heartedly.

“In that case, you should reward this poor lovesick fool da! Now spread your legs wide. I’m going to apply lube on you.” 

Despite his immense embarrassment, Yao obeyed, a bashful look accompanying the wanton spread of his silky limbs. He was secretly anxious about the pain that could stem from Ivan’s invasion and wanted to make it as painless as possible.

Ivan reached out to his coat. He felt around inside it and produced a tube of lubricant.

“You carry that thing on you?” Yao asked incredulously.

“Why yes, I’d hate myself if we went in heat outside and there wasn’t any access to this da,” Ivan said smilingly. He coated a finger generously and reached out to caress Yao’s tight portal.

Adopting a more serious tone, he said, “If it really hurts, let me know.”

Yao gasped at the feel of the thick, long finger at his entrance. The slow circling of his most private entrance was sending frissons of pleasure throughout his body and he began to relax. The finger moved to begin a gentle push against his tightly furled opening. Yao moaned softly, subconsciously spreading his legs wider.

Ivan bent over Yao, his mouth possessing his, pillaging the warm, wet cavern, seizing Yao's submissive tongue to ravish leisurely. As Yao gave himself into the kiss, he barely had time to realise that Ivan's finger was inside him before it began to stroke at his inner walls. Not allowing him time to react to the intimate invasion, Ivan's teeth nipped sharply at his throat and collarbone, the small hurt, soothed by a soft tongue, proving enough of a distraction. Ivan slid a second finger into his tight sheath. This time, however, there was some resistance and Ivan heard a soft whimper that was in no way an indication of pleasure as he tried to accept the two thick fingers inside him.

“Yao, relax for me,” he coaxed. “Open up and let me inside. I promise to be gentle.” He resumed his touches, feeling some of the tenseness ease. Soon, his fingers were moving more smoothly inside.

He pressed a third digit inside the smaller man and again Yao's body instinctively resisted. Not deterred, Ivan delved deeper, trying to ignore the muffled mewls of hurt as virginal flesh was stretched. He curled his fingers, determined to find the legendary spot that would transform any hurt to pleasure…

"I…Ivan…!!!" Yao cried out in ecstasy, bringing a grin of primal triumph to the Russian’s face.

Yao had never felt anything like it in his life. He could feel his softening member begin to harden. He let out a reflexive hiss of protest when Ivan withdrew his fingers, wet from Yao’s juices.

“How can you be satisfied with only my fingers?” Ivan said teasingly. He coated his member liberally with lube and lined himself up at the enticing portal.

“Relax, Yao, I’m going to enter you now,” Ivan husked. “It will hurt at first, but you will feel good later da. Will you trust me?”

"I... I will trust you," Yao blushed.

On to Chapter 4

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

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Ah, this is so very adorable and steamy. XD I can't wait for the next one!

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> Ah, this is so very adorable and steamy. XD I can't wait for the next one!

Thank you~ I'm working on it right now XD

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