[露中 R18] Lovers in the Sunflower Field - Chapter 4

Image (C) Hollowmyst

Series: APH Hetalia
| Pairing: Ivan x Yao (Russia x China, 露中) | Genre: Romance, Lemon | Rating: R-18

Synopsis: Ivan decides that the day of the official declaration of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance is an appropriate day to bring their friendship one step further. No, make that several steps, da.

My take on Ivan and Yao's first time together.

Disclaimer: The following story is a derivative work of APH and shares no relation to actual countries, political ideologies, history or events. Characters are copyright to Hidekaz Himaruya, but the storyline and writing are copyright to me. You may share the link to my blog or blog post, but you may not repost my writings without my permission.

Chapter 4: Eternal Bond

Warning: Explicit description of male-on-male lemon.

Ivan guided each lithe limb over his shoulders, trailing kisses over Yao’s calf and inner knee that made Yao squirm pleasurably.

Yao bit back a cry of pain as Ivan’s long, thick shaft impaled him. His whimpering grew frantic as his muscles stretched to sheathe his lover's huge and hard muscle. Ivan’s member not only felt bigger than the three fingers that he had slid in earlier, it was also extremely hot. All his muscles seemed to have contracted hard in protest against the devastating fullness in his narrow portal.

Ivan slowed to a stop.

“Yao, are you all right?”

"You... you're very big aru..." Yao stammered, blushing as he explained the reason for his discomfort.

"Hmm....." Ivan pursed his lips. "Do you want me to pull out? I can do that, I suppose, if you're so delicate that you can't even tolerate a little pain..."

"Who's delicate! I never said I wanted you to pull out!" Yao snapped. Valiantly, he bit down on his bottom lip to stop himself from whimpering. He was a man, and he would tolerate the pain like one.

Smilingly, Ivan planted a wet smooch on his forehead to comfort his lover. His hands moved soothingly up and down Yao's chest, caressing the taut nipples and tugging at them gently as he thought of how he could soothe his lover. Yao whimpered seductively, clearly from arousal this time, giving Ivan a brainwave.

"Yao, once I mark you with my essence, you will be mine and mine alone, forever and ever. Nobody can destroy our physical bond, not even our bosses da," he declared.

Yao listened intently, taking one deep breath after another. Ivan's intense gaze made his stomach twist with embarrassment, but he had never before felt such a great sense of security as he did today. Gazing into Ivan's earnest violet eyes, he could not help thinking that this was a man he could share his future with.

Ivan slid deeper inside. Inch-by-inch, he sank into searing tightness. He leaned forward and carrassed his lover's ear with breathy whispers.

"With me backing you, nobody will dare to bully you again. Now that the treaty has been signed, my boss will give you a low-interest loan and share with you our most advanced military technology. Best of all, I'll visit you and stay over to teach you how to use them. Wouldn't you like that?" Ivan husked.

"Umm..." Yao moaned feebly as Ivan nibbled his earlobe lustily. Subconsciously, his breached muscles unclenched and began to accept the welcome intruder tentatively.

"And then I'll make love to you every day," Ivan mumurred as his nibbles grew harder. "Not a single part of your body will remain unknown to me. You will moan and writhe and beg me for more and I will f*ck you so hard until you spill and scream my name..."

"Ivan!" Yao gasped in shock. "Don't say such vulgar things aru!"

"But you enjoy hearing them, don't you?" Ivan slid his tongue along Yao's jaw line.

"No I don't! Oooh..."

"But you obviously do! You wouldn't let me in just now, but now you're so tightly wrapped around me that I don't think I could leave even if I wanted to da!" Ivan grinned.

Unable to help himself, Yao looked downwards at where they were becoming one. He was surprised to see his lover's sac nestling comfortably against his own. The monstrous erection was no where in sight, undoubtedly inside him now. The searing pain he experienced earlier on had muted to a dull ache and the fullness was beginning to feel incredibly satisfying.

“You have all of me in you now, my little sunflower,” Ivan whispered.

"R… really?" Yao panted. "Well, it… it’s not as bad as I thought aru..."

“Of course it’s not. We’re made for each other da?” Ivan smiled. “Relax, Yao, I’m going to start moving, all right?”

Following Yao's affirmative nod, Ivan took his first few experimental thrusts gently and slowly. They were by no means smooth, for he was on unfamiliar territory doing unfamiliar deeds. But with his usual determination and assertiveness, Ivan quickly got well acquainted with his lover's intimate area. Encouraged by Yao’s erotic panting, his movements became harder, faster and deeper, inflicting thunderbolt-like sensations on Yao’s narrow portal. Yao reciprocated with his own frantic writhing, his moans growing in volume as he did so.

“…Ah!... Hah… Ooh…! Ivan…!” Yao moaned loudly. He thought he saw stars whirl above him as his lover moved inside him. He had never known his body to be capable of such profound rapture. He rocked his hips instinctively in time with the rhythm his lover set.

“You’re so tight… so amazing… and so gorgeous!” Ivan cried. Even as he had his full attention on his impassioned invasion, he could not help but admire Yao’s blushing cheeks, partially opening and closing mouth, the way his eyes screwed up from pleasure, and how his black tresses, damp with perspiration, spread out like a fan below his head.

"Ah…! Ivan…!” Yao arched his body suddenly as Ivan touched his sensitive spot for the second time.

“Yao, you really like being touched there, don’t you?”

Mercilessly, Ivan repeated the movements that dragged his hardness over Yao's jewel on each stroke. He could feel his lover's neglected erection pushing against his belly as he continued to rock in and out of the older man's body. Each motion drew ever more impassioned cries. He took Yao's weeping shaft in his hand, pumping it in time with the rhythm of his hips. His lover's reaction was instantaneous. The walls of the tight, hot channel squeezed him with sublime heat and pressure.

Yao could do little more than arch his body intermittently and wail out his pleasure, with Ivan’s name fused inside, over and over again. Lights danced before his eyes, his body writhed in ecstasy and his manhood, trapped between their sweat-slick bodies, ached with need for fulfillment.

Ivan could tell that his beloved was close. Long nights he spent, fantasizing about truly becoming one with Yao, plotting to get him into his bed, only to be plagued with paranoia of not pleasuring him adequately. He was delighted that their first time together was so sublime and perfect. His hips moved faster, wanting to spill his seed into his lover.

The clenching of the hot, tight, channel around his rod was soon more than Ivan could bear and he knew he was reaching his edge. Once more, his hand reached out for Yao’s hard flesh. It was hot and dripping with need, like his own. He stroked it vigorously and gave it a little squeeze.

“Ivan!” Yao cried impassionedly, his seed spilling out over their bodies in the same instance that Ivan’s ejaculation filled his canal.

It took long moments before either man was capable of doing anything other than lie and languorously loll in the afterglow of their shared release. Then slowly, carefully, he slipped out from from the sanctuary of his lover's body, gathered the satiated smaller nation into his arms and repeatedly dropped kisses on his mate's flushed face. Yao leaned his head against Ivan's chest but did not open his eyes.

"How are you?" he asked apprehensively.

"I'm good aru," Yao replied in a soft, tired voice. He wished he could reward Ivan with the enthusiasm that he deserved, but at present, he would really like nothing better than to drift off to sleep.

"Yao, you're mine now da," Ivan said assertively.

"Hmm..." came the sluggish reply.

"Yao, you won't do this with anyone else right? I'll be the only one who's allowed to touch you in this manner, am I right?" Ivan pressed on.

"Yes, Ivan. You're such a handful that one time with you is enough to knock me out," Yao grumbled, hoping that Ivan would take the cue and let him doze off in peace.





"I'm still hard. I want to do it again da!" Ivan boldly professed as he rubbed the tip of his rock-hard erection against the entrance of Yao's drenched back garden.

"No way aru!" Yao protested. "I'm exhausted!"

"Hmmph! You're so weak like a girl," Ivan complained.

"How dare you!" Yao exclaimed as he sat up straight. "I could easily knock you out if I've had ample rest aru!"

"Knock me out?" Ivan snorted incredulously. "The thought of your tiny frame taking the active role is simply laughable da!"

"You bastard! Wait till I've had my nap. I'll show you who tops aru!"

"Why do it later when you can do it now?" Ivan smiled. He grabbed Yao around the waist and pulled him on top of himself so that Yao was straddling his thighs.

"Come on, Yao, make love to me," he grinned up lazily at his lover.

"Are... are you sure about this?" Yao hesitated. Suddenly, the image of himself dominating Ivan did indeed seem ridiculous. He looked downwards to avoid Ivan's leery smile and was further discouraged to see how limp and lethargic his own member looked beside Ivan's magnificently erect one. It would be utterly embarrassing if he failed to satisfy the amorous Russian.

"You wanted to show me that you can top, didn't you? Well, I'm letting you prove your prowess now. If you don't treasure the opportunity now, I might forget in future~ Kolkolkolkol~" Ivan chuckled.

Egged on by Ivan's taunt and not wanting to be labelled an uke for the rest of his life, Yao began to arrange himself in a comfortable position. He was every bit a man as Ivan was. If Ivan could do this, so could he, he consoled himself. He moved further backwards so that he would be in a better position to launch his invasion.

"Um... I can't do this if you don't spread your legs aru," Yao said abashedly when he realized that Ivan's thighs were not even parted. Already, he was beginning to regret this. He would truly like nothing better than to be back in his hotel, in bed after a cool shower, for he was feeling sticky, filthy and drained, but Ivan's conceited smile prompted him to persevere.

Unflinchingly, Ivan replied, "Help yourself. I'm not stopping you."

Yao glared at Ivan, annoyed that he was obviously making things difficult for him. He slid off Ivan's thighs, squat down beside him, grabbed hold of one muscular thigh and heaved. But for all the effort he put in, Ivan countered effectively, digging his heels hard into the ground.

"Ivan Braginski! You're doing this on purpose aru!" he smacked Ivan's knee in frustration.

Ivan jerked his knee reflexively, but otherwise made no further effort to move.

"I couldn't possibly make it too easy for you da! You wouldn't be able to show your prowess otherwise. Kolkolkolkol~"

Frustrated, Yao knelt down beside Ivan and pushed against him in an effort to turn him on his side. He grabbed Ivan's waist and tugged hard, but to no avail. He tickled Ivan in hopes of making him lose his guard, but all he managed to do was incite rapturous laughter from the large nation, who maintained his tight grip on the grass below him.

"You're a cheat aru! I shan't bother myself with you!" Yao pounded Ivan's chest with his fists. He made to get up, but Ivan gave a powerful tug and Yao tumbled on top of him.

"Let me teach you how to top the easy way~" Ivan breathed into his lover's ear.

With one arm securely around Yao's waist, he stretched out his free hand towards his own shaft. He rubbed it against Yao's exposed back-slit. It was so wet and slick from their love juices that it accepted his shaft readily. He felt Yao's body sinking down, impaling himself on his hard and throbbing flesh.

"What are you doing!" Yao cried.

"Letting you top me, like you wanted~" Ivan shifted his hands into a more comfortable position around Yao's waist. He then captured Yao's trembling lips in a long, deep kiss that left both men gasping.

With a powerful upward thrust, he pushed into Yao's molten depths. The new position with Yao on top made it possible for him to bury his shaft even more deeply inside the blazing tightness. Yao let out a mewl that suggested protest and pleasure.

"Ivan, you despicable rougue! I never agreed to this! Oooh..."

Ivan groaned as the tight heat of Yao's body enclosed his organ, squeezing it ruthlessly. He nuzzled the perspiration-slick skin of Yao's neck. He pushed forward again, gliding slowly and angling deeply, trying to drive himself as deep into the smaller nation as he could. Grabbing Yao's peachy buns, he aided his lover to move in sync with himself as he thrust harder and faster.

Yao gasped and arched his body as Ivan pressed into him. The familiar tingling in his body sent tendrils of desire to his shaft that was slowly thickening and rising between their heated bodies. His hands clutched Ivan's broad shoulders, hard enough to leave bruises, and he writhed and shimmied, his eyes closing as pleasure and pain swept through him.

"Hnngh... Ivan... too fast... I can't... I can't do this..." Yao whimpered helplessly against Ivan's broad shoulders.

"It's all right, Yao, you have me, I'll help you," Ivan cooed as he stroked his lover's hair, this act of gentleness a stark contrast against the tempestuous assault that was going on below.

"Open your eyes and look at me, Yao," Ivan persuaded.

Yao opened his teary eyes and received a soulful gaze in return.

"Yao, regardless of what I do to you, remember that I always love you. Never forget that da."

"Um... why are you saying such mushy ..." Yao gasped.

Before he could complete his sentence, Ivan thrust hard into him again, and made a deliberate glide over Yao's jewel. Yao moaned wantonly each time he was stroked from within. His cries of arousal rose to a crescendo when Ivan wrapped his long fingers around his swollen flesh and stroked his lover to new delight. Yao's inner muscles clenched, his tight channel squeezing Ivan, rippling across every millimetre of the rigid rod impaling him.

“Oh Yao, you feel so good, so tight!” Ivan wailed. In a growing frenzy of need and desire, the huge nation drove into clinging heat, knowing instinctively, in every cell, that here he would find all that he needed in this world. Releasing his seed into the irresistible creature writhing above him was more than just desirable. The pleasure caught up with him and he yelled his lover’s name as his seed erupted in a devastating climax.

Yao's resolve finally fractured. Unable to resist the dual assault, his shaft jerked, spilling his release onto his lover's taut abdomen as he bleated his lover's name. As his limp form collapsed against Ivan's chest, Ivan lifted his slender jaw imperiously and captured his lips with hungry urgency. Their tongues met in a frantic dance of desire.

When they had pleasured each other with hot, moist lips and voracious tongues, Ivan drew away reluctantly from his lover's kiss swollen lips. He wished he could kiss him forever, but Yao's dozy head had drooped against his neck.

"Yao~ I love you da," he whispered tenderly, as he listened to his lover's gentle snores of contentment.

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Genre : Anime/Manga

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So hot... O / / / O Both Yao and Ivan are so cute and sexy in this~ And I love the way you portray Yao's old-fashioned etiquette through his speech, calling Ivan a rougue and a cad~ "I shan't bother myself with you!" XD

An update, finally!! You portray them so adorably (and also sexy), I love it!

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