Rochu Fanbook: Our Secret History - Artists Wanted for Yaoi Art

I'm looking for artists who can do paid commissions, free requests or gift arts for my upcoming Rochu novel fanbook "Our Secret History". As most of the stories in the book are R-18, I am mostly interested in R-18 Yaoi drawings, although some PGs will be required too. If you're interested to contribute your art or know people who would be willing to, please take a moment to read the following:
First of all, info about this book that your illustrations will be used in.

Tentative Book Cover:

Title: Our Secret History

About: Things you never knew about Russia and China from your history textbooks. A compilation of short Rochu fanfics, both old and new, arranged in chronological order based on the time line of Sino-Soviet Relations. Stories are inspired by some major events in history, but are centered around the passionate relationship of Ivan and Yao. (In other words, it is neither educational nor historical *bricked*)

8 x 10 inches or 20 x 25 cm for Full colour deluxe version
6 x 9 inches or 15 x 23 cm for Black and white version
B5: 17.6 cm x 25 cm
Illustrations and photos will be printed as full colour glossy pictures while the text will be on b/w pages. Yay for a new publisher with more flexible and cheaper printing options!

Type: Novel book with some accompanying illustrations

Genre: Romantica (Romance + Lemon), Mostly humour with a wee bit of angst, and a Happily-ever-after ending.

Projected Print date: June 2011
Projected Release date: July 2011

Purpose of this book:

I love collecting doujinshi and in spite having lots of HQ soft copies on my own hard drive, I feel that nothing beats the feeling of holding a book in one's hand. Similarly, the feel of holding a book is different from reading an electronic version. So I decided to publish my own fanfictions into a book for my own collection. However, all text is pretty boring, and as many doujinshi novels include illustrations, I'm going to do the same.

What your illustration will be used for:

1) Book will be for myself, free for artists who did free requests and gift arts for the book, and free for select few people who have been supporting my stories with constant feedback and encouragement.

2) Post cards of illustrations will be printed as special souvenirs for artists who did the free requests.

3) An ebook version will be available for free download / online viewing.

4) If there are other people who are interested in owning a physical copy of the book, but I do not know them well, I will charge them the base cost of printing one book + shipping fees. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, let me know and I'll scrap it as selling the book is not my intention.


A page in the book will be set aside to credit all artists' artworks by desired name and url. I will consult all artists who contributed their art, be they paid art, free requests or gift art, on how to write the credits before the book goes 'live'.

Publisher: Blurb (It's a self-publishing company based in America. Artists need not worry about your artworks being illegally made into mugs, posters and whatnot XD). As for the photo cards, I'll probably print at the nearest Kodak or my own printer or something. Found another publishing company that's reputable for printing doujinshi in China. Will do a test print first before confirming.


1) Childhood Ambition (set in Year 12??)
Yao shields little Ivan from a beating when the latter burns their then-master Mongolia's dinner, igniting a passion that burns for centuries to come.
Rating: PG
Status: Not written. 1 PG illustration required. -Filled-

2) A Sign from Heaven (set in Year 18??)
Yao mistakes Ivan in a panda suit for a talking panda that's possessed by a deity. He asks 'The Great Deity Panda-san' for advice on how to kick the annoying Westerners out of his land and gets some very strange answers indeed. An extension of the official comic strip when Ivan stalks Yao in a panda suit.
Rating: PG
Status: Not written. 1 PG illustration required -Filled-

3) Live Another Day (set in WWII)
Ivan is hospitalized after jumping off a helicopter without a parachute. Yao visits him in hospital where they trade emotions and plans for the future.
Rating: PG13
Status: Not written. 1 PG-13 kiss scene illustration required -Filled-

4) Lovers in the Sunflower Field (set in 1950)
Ivan decides that the day of the official declaration of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance is an appropriate day to bring their friendship one step further. No, make that several steps, da. My take on Ivan and Yao's first time together.
Rating: R18
Status: One more chapter to go. 1 R15 - R18 illustration required. -Filled-

5) Right on Target (set in 195X)
Russian soldiers are in China to share their military expertise. Yao feels that their efforts are insincere and complains to Ivan. Ivan offers him a private coaching session, but it comes at a price.
Rating: R18
Status: Not written. 1 NC-15 kiss scene required. -Pending. Feel free to volunteer-

6) Love Without Borders (set in 1969)
Relations between the Soviets and the Chinese have worsened and Ivan and Yao are caught in the middle. After years of hostility and verbal conflicts, they meet at battle along the Sino-Soviet border. Taking advantage of the little time they have together, Ivan desperately seeks to reaffirm his love for Yao.
Rating: R18 (starts off as non-consensual)
Status: Not written. 1 R15 - R18 illustration required. -Filled-

7) A Christmas Reunion (set in 1991)
On Christmas day, the day of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ivan is preparing for his departure when Yao comes for one final visit, his first in decades since their split. They reminisce happy and unpleasant memories, burying the hatchet and re-bridging the unique connection between them.
Rating: R18
Status: Complete and published online. 1 R15 - R18 illustration required. -Filled-

8) Together Again (set in 1991)
BJD photo story of their reunion
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete and published online.

9) Priceless (set in 2010)
Ivan has a special birthday present for Yao, and Yao has to go to great lengths to get it. Contains lemon, cheese and mush. First published on 1 October 2010 in commemoration of Yao's birthday.
Rating: R-18
Status: Complete and published online. 1 R-18 illustration required. -Pending. Feel free to volunteer-


Still interested? Awesome! Let's get down to the details.

Regarding Paid Commissions

*Only commissioning for NC-17 and above pictures.

Your artwork will be used as full-page illustration and souvenir photo card for artists who contributed free requests to the book.

Since I'm paying $$$, I expect it to be exactly, if not, close to what I want. I will furnish plenty of reference pictures and descriptions.

The type of style I like is the soft bishounen/pretty boy style but anyway, feel free to show me what you have. I might not insist on the same style for all illustrations.

I prefer to pay via paypal.

Further info can be discussed via note or email. My email is

Regarding Free Requests

Your artwork will be used as full-page illustration and souvenir photo card for artists who contributed free requests to the book.

Since it's free, I will not make it demanding or complicated, but I will still be providing you with reference pics and precise descriptions so hopefully you can draw something close to what I need.

The type of style I like is the soft bishounen/pretty boy style but anyway, feel free to show me what you have. I might not insist on the same style for all illustrations.

On request, I will give you a free physical copy of the book + a B5 print of the request you did + a set of photo cards of the illustrations and photos used in the book.

Further info can be discussed via note or email. My email is

Regarding Gift Arts

*Only applicable for friends and people who have been reading and commenting regularly on my fics. Sorry >.<

Some of you expressed concern about not being good enough to draw the main illustrations. If you feel that you can't take the pressure of drawing for the main illustration but still want to contribute your art, you can consider a gift art!

If you've read or owned doujinshi, you may notice they sometimes feature additional drawings at the back of the book which don't really have any relation to the main comic/stories in front. Those are gift arts by other people to show their support for the book.

Anything goes, as long as it's Rochu and doesn't have unconventional things like tentacles and mpreg XD Don't worry about art style, these pages are for fun!

However, before you contribute gift art, please contact me first. I don't know if it will ever happen, but if I get too many gift arts, I won't be able to afford sending my book free to everyone, so I'm afraid I'll still have to impose some sort of limitation (it will be first-come-first-serve basis).

On request, I will give a free copy of the book.


Thank you so much =3= So if you are interested in any of the above, or know anyone who might be, please email me at

By the way, the actual cover will most likely be similar to this submitted picture, but I'll be retaking the picture, editing the composition so that the sunflower and waterpipe don't look as awkward, and putting Ivan in a military uniform. I think the cover is a bit too serious for the content of the book XD But I still like it. If you have comments on how I can improve it, let me know!

Topic : APH国拟人
Genre : Anime/Manga

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