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Fanfics to write / edit in no particular order.
(Oh snap how did this list get so long)

Please do not steal my plotbunnies. You can take inspiration from them, but copying outright is no-no.
Stories for Our Secret History:

Childhood Ambition
Yao shields little Ivan from a beating when the latter burns their then-master Mongolia's dinner, igniting a passion that burns for centuries to come.
Rating: PG
Status: Not written.

A Sign from Heaven
Yao mistakes Ivan in a panda suit for a talking panda that's possessed by a deity. He asks 'The Great Deity Panda-san' for advice on how to kick the annoying Westerners out of his land and gets some very strange answers indeed. An extension of the official comic strip when Ivan stalks Yao in a panda suit.
Rating: PG

Live Another Day
Ivan is hospitalized after jumping off a helicopter without a parachute. Yao visits him in hospital where they trade emotions and plans for the future.
Rating: PG13

Right on Target
Russian soldiers are in China to share their military expertise. Yao feels that their efforts are insincere and complains to Ivan. Ivan offers him a private coaching session, but it comes at a price.
Rating: R18

Love Without Borders

Relations between the Soviets and the Chinese have worsened and Ivan and Yao are caught in the middle. After years of hostility and verbal conflicts, they meet at battle along the Sino-Soviet border. Taking advantage of the little time they have together, Ivan desperately seeks to reaffirm his love for Yao.
Rating: R18 (starts off as non-consensual)


Why Russia and China will Eat Your Lunch by Alfred Jones

Pairing: Ivan (Russia) x Yao (China)

Other characters: Alfred (America), lots of background noise

Genre: Humor (bordering on crack), Interactive

Rating: NC-16

Synopsis: For years, researchers in America have been trying to document the Sino-Russian relationship in books. Realizing that books alone are not enough to define the the awesomeness that is Rochu, America, the world's biggest closet Rochu fan, decides to host a call-in talkshow where the audience (i.e. you the reader) can pose questions directly to the couple.

Status: On-going, to post soon. Introduction needs alteration

Title: Freaky Friday

Characters: Russia, China, US, UK, France, Canada

Implied pairings: Russia x China, US x UK. France loves everyone, but mostly Canada

Chapters: Multiple chapters, short story

Genre: Humour

Rating: PG

Summary: A regular chaotic meeting for the Allies turns into a complete upheaval when America's miniature atomic bomb demonstration backfires, causing their souls to end up in each others bodies.

Title: Ve... Hic!

Pairing, Characters: Ludwig x Feliciano, Ivan x Yao, lots of background noise

Chapters: One-shot or very short

Genre: Humour, Romance

Rating: PG

Summary: Feliciano gets hiccups from downing his pasta too quickly. Ludwig tries to help him get rid of the pesky things.

Title: The Golden Cage

Pairing: Ivan x Yao

Other characters: Baltic nations, Slavic siblings, maybe more...

Chapters: Many Chapters

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Lemon, Humour, Alternate Universe

Rating: R-18

Summary: The Northern Kingdom and Eastern Kingdom have been warring for centuries over land, food and revenge. To end his people's suffering, Wang Yao, a prince of the Eastern kingdom, attempts to assassinate Ivan Braginski, the King of the Northern Kingdom. The mission fails and Yao falls prisoner to Ivan. As Yao attempts to make the most out of his captivity to fulfill his ultimate mission of bringing about the fall of the Northern Kingdom, he has to brave many obstacles, including preventing himself from falling in love with his captor.

I'm considering adding Toris x Yao into the story which would make it less funny but more angsty. Opinions?

Title: Blood Destiny

Pairing, Characters: Ivan x Yao, Alfred x Arthur, Francis (maybe more)

Chapters: Multiple chapters

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Horror (Vampire fic), Alternate Universe

Rating: R-18

Summary: Yao leads a somewhat impoverished but peaceful life as a pub waiter in London until he meets a group of vampires, one of them proclaiming himself as his blood destiny.

Title: A Date to Remember (Written Essay)

Characters: Ivan x Yao

Chapters: 1

Genre: Lemon, Romance, Alternate Universe (School)

Rating: R-18

Summary: The uncensored version of A Date to Remember. Ivan writes an essay on a memorable date with Yao for his final year project, offering more details than anyone really needed to know.

Status: Not written

Title: Heta Yori Dango

Hetalia version of Hana Yori Dango with a slight twist, where Yao takes on Makino's role and the four guys are the rest of the allies, with Ivan as Domyoji of course, Arthur as Rui, Francis as Sojirou and Alfred as Akira.  Matthew takes on Yuuki's role (Makino's friend). 'nuff said.

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