[露中 R18] Lovers in the Sunflower Field - Chapter 5

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Series: APH Hetalia | Pairing: Ivan x Yao (Russia x China, 露中) | Genre: Romance, Lemon | Rating: R-18

Synopsis: Ivan decides that the day of the official declaration of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance is an appropriate day to bring their friendship one step further. No, make that several steps, da.

My take on Ivan and Yao's first time together.

Disclaimer: The following story is a derivative work of APH and shares no relation to actual countries, political ideologies, history or events. Characters are copyright to Hidekaz Himaruya, but the storyline and writing are copyright to me. You may share the link to my blog or blog post, but you may not repost my writings without my permission.

Chapter 5: Wishful Thinking

Warning: Explicit description of man-on-man f*replay.

Yao was accustomed to sleeping alone. He used to share his bed with his younger siblings when they were little. However, it was a long time since they had grown up and went separate ways, leaving Yao alone in a large empty house with a large empty bed.

That was why when Yao woke up, he was deeply appalled by the presence of another man in his bed, warm breath caressing his neck and one muscular arm wrapped tightly around his waist. The man’s long eyelashes fluttered as he snored gently, oblivious to the impending volcanic eruption beside him.

“AIYAAAAA!!!” Yao shot up like a rocket, flinging off Ivan’s arm with great force. The bedsheets slid off his body, revealing the next troubling fact that both he and his bedmate were naked, even at their vital regions.

“Whassamatter…?” Ivan rubbed his eyes sleepily, posing a stark contrast to a wide-eyed Yao. Yao promptly grabbed hold of Ivan’s shoulders and shook him hard.

“Ivan Braginski! Get up! I demand an explanation aru!”

Ivan opened his eyes and was greeted by Yao’s anxious, red face.

Unperturbed, he wrapped his arms around Yao’s waist, “Good morning, my little sunflower~”

“Good morning your head!” Yao slapped his hands away. “I want to know what you’re doing in my bed aru! And without clothes too!”

“Your bed?” Ivan’s eyebrows knitted together. “This is my bed da! I’m certain that I brought you back to my house last night.”

Yao had never been to Ivan’s house. It was always the other way round; Ivan would barge into his house almost every day, as though it was his own property. Sometimes Yao even forgot that Ivan had a house. But as Yao looked around the room, he realized he would have known, even without Ivan telling him, from the room's vast interior and furniture, portraits of the Soviet leader on the wall and, he noticed with a start, the largest portrait of all which was a painting of Yao, that this was indeed the Russian’s lair. He was so confused that he took no heed of the two long arms that snaked around his waist again.

“I don’t remember aru…” Yao turned back to Ivan with a puzzled expression on his face. His head was throbbing from a dull ache. He was so very tired, and for some reason, a part of him further down was hurting intensely.

The jubilant smile on Ivan’s face gave way to distress.

“You’re so mean! I gave you my first and second time yesterday! How could you not remember any of that?”


“Come on, you do remember, don’t you? We went to my greenhouse to admire my blooming sunflowers. I gave you a Matryoshka doll and you were so touched that you offered yourself to me. Being the gracious man I am, I of course, accepted your generous offer…”

“That wasn’t how it went, you idiot!” Yao snapped. He remembered now, how Ivan had kissed him so deeply, literally taking his breath away, thrown him off guard by declaring that he wanted to make love with him, touched him with his sincerity and affection, eventually dissolving his resolve to stay a virgin. Sinful images flashed across his mind, of Ivan’s gorgeous washboard abs, his astoundingly large manhood, how their bodies melded together where their vital regions were. And then he heard his own needy, shameless wails, begging for the point of release…

“Recalled something?” Ivan beamed when he saw the blush on Yao's cheeks redden by another notch.

“You’re blushing da!” Ivan observed cheerfully, “You remember, don’t you?”

“But of course you do,” Ivan continued teasingly when Yao turned away. “How could you not remember when you enjoyed yourself so much. Even now, when I look at you, your wanton screams resonate in my ear, as though I’m pleasuring you right now. You know, I’ve never thought that someone so prim and proper like yourself would be so loud when on heat…”

“Stop it aru! Stop it!” Yao cried as tears of anxiety leaked out from the corner of his eyes. If Ivan had not been hugging him so tightly, he would have run away from embarrassment.

"Awww~! Yao, don't cry!" Ivan gasped in alarm when he saw Yao's cheeks glistening with tears. Pulling Yao downwards so that his face rested against his own chest, Ivan stroked his long hair gently and cooed, "I'm sorry da? I didn't know you were such a child. I won't tease you any more."

"Some kind of apology that is!" Yao snorted grumpily. "I'm not being childish here... It's just... embarrassing. I've never done this before you know."

"I know," Ivan kissed his forehead tenderly. "I'm your first man, and your last, aren't I?"

"I don't know about last," Yao said nonchalantly.

"Well, I do. If anyone else dares to touch you, I'll make sure it's the last thing he does. Kolkolkolkol~" Ivan chuckled malevolently, sending a chill down Yao's spine.

"You're the one who's like a child. A spoilt brat at that," Yao chided.

Without warning, Ivan rolled over so that he was on top of Yao.

"Then spoil me da! Make love to your little Vanya~" Ivan took hold of his manhood and pressed it against Yao's back entrance. He was delighted to feel that his lover's crotch was still slightly cool and damp from yesterday's union.

"No way aru!" Yao exclaimed as he tried to shove Ivan away. "I'm still hurting inside. Get away from me, you sex maniac!"

"Yao~ Don't be shy~ We've already done it twice~ A third time won't make any difference~"

"That's not the point aru!"

As they wrestled with each other, a shrill ringing from the telephone on the bedside table jolted them.

"That's the phone aru..."

"Let it ring..."

"It might be your boss aru!"

"To hell with him..."

"Or your sister... informing you that she's dropping by. Perhaps you might like to have some warning before..."

Ivan grabbed the ear piece and pulled it to his ear, praying hard that it was not Natalia like Yao had suggested.

A few seconds later, the annoyance on his face was wiped off as he adopted a solemn expression, as well as a respectful tone.

"Yes, sir. China is with me... That's right. We spent the night together. I'm sorry for neglecting to inform you. Would you like to speak to him now? He's just underneath me. Oops, I mean..."

"Hello?" Yao hastily grabbed the earpiece and brought it to his ear.

"Yes, I'm Yao..." Yao said politely. "No, I'm all right. I... I spent last night at Russia's place. We er... we had lunch and dinner together. To strengthen our friendship you see... No... We're having breakfast now... Yes, I'm sorry, I should have told you, but Russia gave me so much Vodka that..."

"What a two-faced liar~" Ivan said grumpily as he caressed Yao's slowly shrinking erection.

"Don't touch me there aru!!! No, sorry, I wasn't referring to you... No, no! You aren't intruding! Yes... you can come and pick me up now. I'm sorry for troubling you aru. See you later."

As Yao returned the phone to its cradle, Ivan burst out whining, "What do you mean, pick you up now? You're not going anywhere until you give me your love!"

"You idiot!" Yao snapped. "You didn't tell my boss where I was! He was so worried when he couldn't find me all of yesterday night and this morning that he almost called the police! You're irresponsible aru!"

"It didn't occur to me! I was very tired too!" Ivan pouted.

"A likely story!" Yao rolled his eyes.  "Well, get off me now. I need to bathe and make myself presentable."

"I'll take you to the bathroom!" Ivan slid off Yao and climbed out of bed. Effortlessly, he lifted Yao in a bridal carry and headed for an oak door in the corner of the room. He pushed the door open with his shoulder and carried Yao inside. Like almost everything that Ivan owned, the bathroom was large, with a spacious, circular bathtub in the middle of the room. He gingerly lowered Yao into the bathtub and climbed inside.

“Hey! I didn’t say you could come in aru!” Yao protested when Ivan sat next to him.

“But this is my bath tub!” Ivan retorted.

Placing an arm around Yao and twirling a few strands of Yao’s raven black hair with his fingers, he whispered into his ear, “So, what would you like to do in my bath tub?’

“Clean myself up of course!” Yao smacked Ivan’s hand. He wondered whether Ivan was being stupid on purpose.

Ivan gave a dismayed sigh. “But I want my scent to linger on you for a little longer~’

Yao gave him a scorching glare, and he meekly reached across Yao to twist the tap.

Warm water spilled over Yao's legs, soothing his tired muscles. Although it was comfortable leaning against the smooth sides of the bath tub, Yao was unable to relax in Ivan’s presence, not when both of them were naked as jay birds, and Ivan’s manhood energetically erect.

“Ivan, I’m grateful for your bath tub, but you can go out now. I can bathe by myself,” Yao insisted.

Ivan took no heed. Grabbing a bottle of body wash, he squeezed out some of its contents onto his own hands and began lathering them. Hawkishly, Yao eyed Ivan’s every move. After Ivan had covered his hands generously with soap, he took his time to rinse them under the tap, rubbing them thoroughly to get rid of all the soap suds.

“Ivan,” Yao said impatiently. “If you want to take a bath, why don’t you wait until I’m done? It’s uncomfortable bathing with someone else in such a small space aru!”

“I don’t need to bathe da! I already took a bath late last night!” Ivan replied cheerfully as he turned off the tap, much to Yao’s puzzlement, for the water level barely covered his thighs..

“In that case, why are you…”

His last words were contorted in a squeal as Ivan was suddenly bearing on top of him, his strong arms holding his thighs apart.

“Stop, Ivan!” Yao cried, struggling to clamp his thighs together as he tried to push Ivan’s offensive hands away.

“What are you doing, you pervert? Haven’t you had enough yesterday aru?” Yao cried.

“I’m just cleaning you up like you wanted da! But first of all, I have to remove my juices from inside you~”

“I can do that by myself! Leave me alone aru!” Yao flailed his legs, sending a lot of water drops over them.

“Yao,” Ivan looked at Yao, distress evident in his eyes. “Do you dislike my touch?”

Morosely, Ivan withdrew his hands and knelt in front of Yao, his head hung low, like a remorseful child who had regretted his actions.

Sighing, Yao reached out and stroked Ivan’s hair. He could not help marveling at how, in spite of his amorousness, Ivan still resembled an innocent child who needed love and nurturing.

“Silly boy, if I disliked your touch, I wouldn’t have tolerated all your perverted actions since yesterday,” Yao forced a tiny smile.

“Really?” Ivan looked doubtfully at Yao. “But you have been pulling a long face since you woke up da. Most lovers cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other in bed. I want to do that with you too. Don’t you regard me as your lover?”

“It’s not that I don’t,” Yao murmured as Ivan watched him nervously. “But, just two days ago, we were normal friends, discussing work at the bar. The very next day, things have become so different. I… I need time to get used to our new relationship aru.”

“So, you do love me da?” Ivan pressed on anxiously.

“Yes, I love you aru,” Yao smiled.

“Then, we must quickly get used to our new relationship da~” A devilish smile replacing his miserable pout, Ivan reclaimed his space next to Yao and put his arms around his lover.

“Let’s cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other da~!” Ivan declared in response to Yao’s startled expression.

“Ummm… but I don’t have any sweet nothings to whisper to you aru…” Yao lowered his head bashfully.

“It’s all right da! You can listen to me!” Gently pushing Yao’s stray strands of hair out of the way, he whispered into his ear.

“Yao, I had a most amazing time last night. You were so wonderfully tight that I felt as though I could never leave. Your screams were so seductive, yet so pure, that I cannot imagine that a more beautiful piece of music could possibly exist. Each time you arched your back and begged for more, the needy expression on your face makes me take delight in how you're going to rely on me for the rest of our lives...”

“Aiya! What nonsense are you saying! Shut up aru!” Yao cried as his face turned beetroot red.

"But I'm complimenting your skills da! You should be proud!” Ivan smiled as his indecent hands began carrassing Yao's damp, silky-smooth chest. He took no heed when Yao attempted to slap his hands away.

“You idiot! I never asked you to assess me aru!” Yao pouted.

“No? Why don’t you assess me then?” Ivan said slyly. “Did my little buddy serve you well?”

Instinctively, the sight of Ivan’s massive manhood invaded Yao's thoughts and he blushed furiously again. Heartily embarrassed, he looked away.

“You must tell me da! I'm going to make love to you everyday, so you must tell me how I can improve. It's for your own good!" He gave one plum-coloured bud a mischievous pinch, causing Yao to squeal in surprise.

"I don't care about that sort of thing aru!" Yao snapped.

"Hmm? Does this mean that you're dissatisfied? Practise makes perfect. I should practise more to improve da! In fact, I'll practise right now!"

Ivan pulled Yao into his lap so that Yao was leaning against his chest. He encircled an arm around Yao's slender chest, effectively trapping Yao's arms against his sides. With the other free hand, he reached down for Yao's limp member and massaged it. Amidst Yao's cries of protest and fruitless writhing, his flaccid member raised its head eagerly again.

"Ivan! I thought you promised to clean me up!" Yao cried out anxiously. He was simply too tired to accommodate the ferocious polar bear's appetite. If Ivan wanted to take him here, he would be unconscious for the rest of the day.

"Teehee~" Ivan chuckled merrily. "I'll clean you up, so that you will have more space to contain more of my essence~"

Ivan slid a finger inside Yao's wet channel. The surrounding walls closed in eagerly on the intruder, enshrouding him in a tight channel of warm, milky liquid. Ignoring Yao's whimpering, Ivan proceeded to slide a second finger inside. After the second visitor had also met a warm reception from its enthusiastic host, Ivan bent his fingers slightly and pulled them out gently. The narrow channel clenched tight to express disappointment, echoed by a low moan from its owner.

Resolutely, Ivan pulled out, revealing fingers coated in sticky liquid. He rinsed his fingers and slid them back into the tight channel. It welcomed him with greater vigour. After feeling around for a bit, the fingers left again, bringing with them some of Ivan's essence. Ivan went through the same motion, penetrating and pulling out, interchangeably and repeatedly. The sensation of getting hold of something precious, only to lose it again and again was driving Yao crazy. It took him great perseverance to prevent himself from grabbing Ivan's wrist to stop him from removing his fingers.

As though able to read Yao's mind, Ivan whispered wickedly into his ear while keeping his fingers busy, "Unpleasant, isn't it? And this is exactly how you make me feel whenever you tempt me with your seductive smiles and provocative mannerisms. It was such a torture just looking at you and trying not to picture you in my bed while I do naughty things to you... Kolkolkolkol~"

"You liar! I never seduced you!" Yao shot back.

"It's the way your delicious lips curve up whenever you look at me. Whenever you smile at me, it seems to me that you're trying to say..."

But what Ivan thought he was trying to say, Yao never found out. The next second, a hard pounding on the bathroom door caused both of them to give a start.

"My boss!" Yao squeaked the first thought that came to his mind. He slid of Ivan's thighs and bent over to hide himself.

"Don't be silly, my servants wouldn't allow guests into my room," Ivan said. Turning to the door, he yelled, "Come back later! I'm bathing!"

The knocks continued incessantly, growing in volume. Unable to ignore it anymore, Ivan clambered out of the bath tub, wrapped a bath towel over himself and marched over to the door, cursing loudly all the way. He opened the door with a bang, revealing an anxious Toris who quaked from head to toe.

"I'm so terribly sorry for entering your room and disturbing you while you're bathing, Mr Russia," Toris trembled, "but China's boss turned up uannounced..."

"I know that," Ivan said impatiently. "He said he'd come just moments ago. And what's so difficult about tending to the guest in my stead for just a short moment?"

"We... we did tend to him..." Toris said nervously. "Raivis tried to serve him tea. However, in the process, he upset the entire teapot over him..."

"What?!" Yao sat up straight and craned his head towards the door. The shock on Toris' face told him that he had made a terrible mistake. Hastily, Yao turned away and bent over, hoping against hope that Toris had not recognized him.

"I... I'm sorry... I didn't know I was intruding..." Toris whimpered, feeling certain that the fearsome water pipe would appear in front of him any moment now.

"Never mind that. Is he all right?" Ivan voiced out Yao's concerns.

"Well, Raivis forgot to boil the water, so he's all right. No burns or injuries. However, he seemed really furious and we're not sure how to pacify him..." Toris wiped a bead of perspiration off his forehead.

"All right," Ivan sighed. "I'll be down in a moment."

"Thank you Mr Russia," Toris bowed and closed the door behind him.

"You idiot!" Yao wailed as Ivan walked back to the bath tub. "Now Toris knows about us!"

"Eh? Does it matter?" Ivan asked puzzledly. "All the other nations will know about it sooner or later. I don't intend to keep our relationship private you know. We're in a legitimate relationship, not an affair."

"But what an embarrassing way for him to find out!" Yao cried.

"Don't worry, he wouldn't dare to spread gossip about you, not when he knows how awful it is to be smacked by my waterpipe. I'm more concerned about how much he saw of your body. I might have to gouge his eyes out. Kolkolkolkol~"

"Don't be ridiculous, Ivan!" Yao snapped. "We're all men. I'm sure that unlike you, he doesn't get perverted thoughts just from looking at me."

"That's because I love you so much da!" Ivan leaned against the bath tub, sighing. "I want you so badly now, but your boss is such a pain! I thought Chinese people are particular about courtesy."

"You're the one who's being a pain!" Yao retorted.

The hurt expression on Ivan's face caused Yao to develop a pang of sympathy.

"Oh Ivan," Yao sighed. "Don't look like that. You said so yourself. We... we could do this everyday when your boss sends you over to my house... I... I'll do it with you in my bath tub if you like... even though it's kind of small..." Yao blushed.

"Yao~ You're so good to me~" Ivan bent over and enveloped Yao in a hug. "But I don't know how long it will take for my boss to make the arrangements. It might take days, weeks, even a month!"

"Even so, that doesn't stop you from visiting, does it? I'm sure you used to visit me without your boss' expressive permission aru. I could visit you too, since I know where your house is now," Yao smiled.

"That's true," Ivan grinned. Pressing a kiss against Yao's forehead, he said "I'd better go down now and rescue the Baltics. Your boss must be giving them a hard time."

"He's no where as bad as you are aru," Yao laughed.

When Ivan reached the door again, he looked back to see his lover dousing himself with water as he hummed a Chinese folk song. Sighing wistfully, Ivan closed the door behind him.

How I wish I can hear you sing in my bath tub every day, cuddle you to sleep in my bed every night.


Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

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No title

It ended in such a cute way X3

I'm kinda sad this fanfic ended, but it was really great and it was worth the wait for sure XD

I really enjoyed this story, the way you describe the moments between yao and Ivan from the beginning till the end were so sweet and lovable♥ ^-^

You are a great writer XD, I know it's probably soon to say that but I can't wait for your next fanfic lol XD

Re: No title

Thank you so much! =3= I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! I'll definitely be writing something new soon!

> It ended in such a cute way X3
> I'm kinda sad this fanfic ended, but it was really great and it was worth the wait for sure XD
> I really enjoyed this story, the way you describe the moments between yao and Ivan from the beginning till the end were so sweet and lovable♥ ^-^
> You are a great writer XD, I know it's probably soon to say that but I can't wait for your next fanfic lol XD

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