[露中 Fanfic] Taming the Polar Bear - Chapter 23

First anniversary of Taming the Polar Bear~! I published the first chapter on Fanfiction.net on 21 April 2010! I'm  a couple of days late XDDD But this calls for a celebration! I will publish two more chapters after this over the weekend. Look forward to them! Yosh!

Main Pairing: Rochu (Ivan x Yao) | Genre: School, Romance, Humour, Drama | Rating: PG-13 for kissing scences and sexual references

Characters: Rochu-centric with many side pairings, supporting characters and cameos from other nations.

Synopsis: In Hetalia Gakuen, Ivan, a notorious school bully, meets & falls in love with Yao, a student councilor who resolves to tame him of his bullying ways. Hilarity, chaos & fluff ensue as Yao braves Ivan's romantic but perverted pursuit to take him into hand.

Disclaimer: The following story is a derivative work of APH and shares no relation to actual countries, political ideologies, history or events. Characters are copyright to Hidekaz Hiramuya, but the storyline and writing are copyright to me. You may share the link to my blog or blog post, but you may not repost my writings without my permission.

Chapter 23: Interlude ~How Toris Became Ivan’s Punching Bag~

One does not shoot a gun without pulling its trigger.

Contrary to widely believed, the incident that prompted Ivan Braginski to terrorize the student body of Hetalia Gakuen was not Francis’ foul behaviour at the Freshman Orientation Ceremony. In fact, Ivan was secretly thankful for it. If not for that fateful incident, Ivan would not have met Yao.

Yet when Ivan thought he had finally found refuge away from home, fate cruelly took his beloved angel away from him, leaving him out in the lonesome cold for three agonizingly long months. Wretched memories of Ivan’s second day at Hetalia Gakuen remained deeply etched in his mind, a fearful driving force behind his resentment for his school mates.

*     *     *

“Hurry up, I haven’t got all day!”

On the second day of school, Arthur Kirkland was so busy that when he came to pick Ivan up from the clinic, he practically jogged all the way to the European dormitory, making the Russian huff and puff behind him as he dragged his large suitcase behind him.

“That’s the cafeteria, the public bath house is that small building on the right, the study area is on the left,” Arthur made a running commentary as he led Ivan into the European dormitory. “There are twenty floors of rooms and yours is on the twentieth floor. And because old Roma is too much of a cheapskate to install lifts, we’ll have to take the stairs. Come on!”

By the time Ivan reached his floor, he felt like his coat had become roomier from the work out. Arthur pressed a palm against the wall for support as he clutched a stitch in his side, cursing ‘bastard old lecher’ profusely.

A door swung open, nearly hitting Arthur in the face.

“I can’t believe you’re turning me out just because you need wardrobe space, Feliks! You’re heartless!” Toris whined as he stepped out into the corridor, arms laden with his own belongings.

“Don’t be such a wimp, Liet! Why, if I was heartless, I wouldn’t like use my precious time to fill up the room transfer application form for you. I’d have totally tossed your things out onto the corridor!” Feliks piled two rolls of socks that did not belong to him on top of Toris’ pile.

“That still makes you heartless! Does our relationship mean nothing in the face of a pile of school girl uniforms?” Toris protested.

“I need personal space duh!”

“You have personal space all right! I have to sleep on the floor every night because you dump all your clothes on my bed!”

“Why, then the answer is separate rooms duh!”

“Oi, that’s enough. Carry out your lover’s spat behind closed doors if you must. The corridor isn’t part of your room,” Arthur scolded.

Feliks hmmphed while Toris grumbled, “I don’t even have a room now!”

“You’re the student who requested for a room transfer, aren’t you? It’s been approved. Your room is 20-03, two rooms away from your old one. Here’s your new key and new room mate,” Arthur handed a key to Toris and pointed at Ivan, who was still catching his breath against the wall.

Ivan looked up to greet his new friend, but was instead greeted by two pairs of terrified green eyes.

Feliks gripped Toris’ arm. “Isn’t that the violent brute who killed Francis?”

“What! Francis died?!” Toris clamped a hand over his mouth.

“So like why is this murderer even here? He should totally be locked away!”

Ivan felt his world grow cold as Feliks continued to gripe about Francis’ ‘demise’.

“Don’t be daft!” Arthur snapped. “Believe me, if Francis had died, the police will hear about it. Don’t go spreading foolish rumours, Feliks!”

“That totally doesn’t change the fact that he’s dangerous,” Feliks glowered.

“That totally doesn’t change the fact that he’s a student of this school,” Arthur countered snidely.

“I’m so totally canceling the room transfer then! No way am I evar. gonna. like let my Liet-chan stay with that bloodthirsty creep!” Feliks put his arms protectively around Toris, who was quaking like a leaf in the wind.

Arthur felt a vein pop in his head. “What am I? Your personal secretary? You made the application and it’s approved, so live with it! I’m not amending it at your beck and call. Now get along, you three, or I’ll make you regret it!”

With that last warning, Arthur marched off.

“Feliks, I have a stomachache…”

*      *      *

Ivan grudgingly unpacked his stationery from his bag. Arthur had informed him that he would be writing lines for his detention, which would take place after Ivan had settled down. Ivan still failed to comprehend why he had to go for detention when he was clearly not in the wrong. However, the fact that Arthur had abducted his precious water pipe meant that he had to abide by his terms or risk losing his little metallic friend forever. It had only been a few hours, and already, he missed it terribly. Without it, he felt incredibly insecure and depressed. Feliks’ jeers and taunts were not helping matters.

“Liet!” Ivan’s dormitory door swung open for the umpteenth time. “So, did the criminal like bully you?”

Feliks cast a mean look at Ivan. Ivan returned it with a creepy grin that made the blond’s hair stand on end.

“I’m fine, Feliks. Don’t call him that!” Toris hissed.

“Like since when do you have so much winter clothing?” Feliks eyed the pile of woolen sweaters and scarves that Toris was arranging on clothes hangers suspiciously.

“They’re all mine~!” Ivan said cheerfully.

“What!” Feliks gave a hard tug at Toris’ ear, eliciting a painful yelp from the Lithuanian. “Like geez, why are you doing menial work for him? Have you got no pride?”

“Because we’re friends, and friends should help each other da?” Ivan shot Toris a cheerful smile.

“That… that’s right!” Toris squeaked.

“Who said you could be friends with a murderer?” Feliks practically shrieked into Toris’ aching ear.

“Look,” Toris whispered back indignantly. “You were the one who landed me with this murderer for a room mate. I’m doing all I can to protect myself!”

“If you both don’t stop calling me names, I will become a murderer all right. Kolkolkolkol~” Ivan suddenly appeared behind both of them, chuckling menacingly.

Toris shrunk back in fright. Feliks took a step back, but glared at him with intense dislike.

“Nobody ever bullies my man, do you hear me? Why, even if it takes days, weeks, months, or even like, years, I swear I’ll totally get you kicked out of this room!

“By which time I’ll probably be dead,” Toris whimpered unhappily.

Feliks rounded on him, “And you stop being such a useless coward! I’ve got your back, okay? If that murderer manages to touch like, even one strand of your hair, I’ll let you paint my room black!”

“I don’t care about that…”

“Or brown. Or, or, like, any other boring colour. I know how much you hate pink…”

Ivan had had enough. He ran out of the dormitory room, slammed the door shut, leaned heavily against it and burst into tears.

Why oh why did they bully him so when he had not even laid a finger on them? What had he ever done to deserve such nasty names and hatred? Even behind him, he could feel hard pounding of fists against the wooden door and cries of despair.

“Oh my God!” Feliks’ annoying voice rang out from the other side of the door. “The murderer’s locked us in. He’s going to set us on fire! We’re all going to die!”

“I told you not to antagonize him, Feliks!”

“Now what?!”

“Call the Student Council Room!”

“No, call the police, duh!”

Ivan kicked the door hard in frustration, inciting another chorus of frightened screams from behind. He marched off towards the Student Council Room as fast as his legs could take him, wiping his tears with his scarf as he went. He would retrieve his water pipe, and then, he would make those bullies cry and beg for his forgiveness. Kolkolkolkol~

To be continued...

This is more like an extra chapter rather than part of the story. I actually wrote it for another gakuen story that was supposed to give greater insight into Ivan's school life during his first week in Hetalia Gakuen, but I never got to finish that and in fact, ended up incorporating the chapters into this story. I kind of like Feliks' interaction with Toris here XD And I think it gives us all a deeper insight on why Ivan enjoys assaulting Toris in particular (other than convenience XD). Also, it explains why Toris and Ivan roomed together, while other students in Hetalia Gakuen got to room with people they like.

I'm in the middle of writing the next chapter now and I promise it will be up soon!

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre : Anime/Manga

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